Distribution Tactics to get your content shared like crazy

Are you struggling with making your content go viral? Do you want to get your content shared like crazy? Then you are in correct place, this article will point you in the right direction.

Some bloggers think that making a piece of content to go viral is mostly dependent on luck and difficult to generate intentionally. Others feel that well written and solid content is necessary to get their content marketing program a hit. But it is not everything as there are some special factors which are discussed in this post.

1. Involve your partners to increase your content visibility

Your followers, friends, and partners play a major channel in promoting content. Boost your marketing efforts with the help of your social connections. To maintain a longer and stronger relationship with them you need to build them with constant effort and spending time. The more loyal followers the more your content gets shared. If you want an instant hike in your shares then personally ask your employers and friends to share the content and tell them to invite their friends for content promotion. To make this tactic more effective, join a platform that combines all your employees, partners and friends for easy communication.

2. Social Networking sites and Q&A forums

Social Networking sites and Q&A forums act a major role in making a splash with your content. First, start searching for communities in social media, which are related to your niche and build a relationship with the members. Suggest your content as the answer to their questions. Try to be relevant with your words and don’t look promotional. For example, if you are willing to join a forum like Quora, then ideally involve the community as a part of it and sometimes give answers without referring any of your product or link. This makes the audience feel that you are genuine and trustworthy. Answer questions which are having fewer comments. Don’t struggle to answer the top questions in your niche as it may be having a number of comments and your answer likely to be less voted.

3. Attract other bloggers

Engaging in other blogs and websites by providing some valuable information or feedback along with your website link. This will invite visitors to your site. Additionally, if your blog is well received then there is a high chance that fellow bloggers and website owners syndicate with your content. For that, you need to have high-quality articles to attract other bloggers. However, it is hard to take all the responsibilities on one shoulder. So it is better to hire writers who can provide you valuable and researched content along with creativity. The one marketplace which comes in my mind is Contentmart. Unlike many other platforms, it is dedicated only to serving from content writers. It comes with endless benefits such as free registration, thousands of writers, 100% satisfaction, and the main goal is to provide high quality within the deadline.

4. Make your content speak with Infographics

Here is another popular distribution tactic followed by many popular bloggers is Infographic. It means converting your text into a visual format. A picture leaves a thousand impressions in a mind. To make an Infographic, just collect the highlights in a post that you have written and found reliable information to support your statements. However, some find it as a daunting task if they don’t have the knowledge of designing. If it is in your case, then you can use predefined templates and visual apps to make your work easier.


5. Content Series

Content Series is the new trend in the Content marketing industry. It involves sending content via emails or social media channels like Twitter or Facebook. Send only half of the content, keep suspense over the remaining and invite them to your website or blog to read more. This method keeps them interested.

Every experienced marketer uses this method to drive traffic to their blog, but many of us overlook it. You can also send different emails or tweets over a single post while changing the highlights or points. So try to share your lists with an audience who are hungry for new and valuable information. Sometimes we only send a brief summary of our content in emails. But this time, try to send some valuable information in the email itself. This makes the audience feel special and empowered. They even share the content on their social profiles and signup for regular emails.


Follow these tactics and no doubt with a less span of time your content will hit boundaries which in turn opens up goodwill through an increase in click-through rates. By building and executing these methods you can get your content be shared like crazy and make your business even more popular.

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