Download Telegram for PC

Download Telegram for PC

Telegram may not be the most popular instant messaging app but it is surely an emerging instant messaging which is soon going to be popular . The reason for the popularity of Telegram is whatsapp acquisition by facebook. Whatsapp is one of the leading app in instant messaging. The acquisition of whatsapp made a direct impact on its performance. Due to some server issues , it kept down for some hours. And the most of all, it doesn’t provide the security of your data.

All these reasons leads towards the search of a new instant messaging app. And one could not find a better messaging app then Telegram. Telegram provides you both speed and security. It has a very simple and user friendly GUI. You will love doing messaging using Telegram.

Telegram was developed by two brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov. Telegram is officialy available for Android and iOS platform.

Features of Telegram Messenger for PC (Download Telegram for PC)

Download Telegram for PC

The Telegram instant messenger provides same features as that of whatsapp, but still there are some more features it has, which makes it a better instant messenger over whatsapp. Below are some features similar to that offered by other apps.

  1.  You can send unlimited messages to anyone and anywhere using this messenger,
  2.  You can share images or photos
  3.  You can share videos
  4. You can share files
  5. You can share your location
  6.  You can send your contacts to others
  7.  you can share an audio file with it
  8.  you can share voice messages with it

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Here are some features which help telegram to make edge over other messaging app (Download Telegram for PC)

  1.  It provides an additional feature of chat encryption.
  2.  It also provides another feature to keep a chat secret, where every single word of your conversation is private and not known to anyone not even the telegram officials..
  3. It is faster.

How To Download Telegram for PC

As already mentioned above, Telegram is officially available in Android and iOS platform. But no need to be felt heartbroken because we brings for you the simple steps to download Telegram on your pc.

  1. You have to download BlueStacks, an android emulator , on your PC. BlueStack is absolutely free to download and use.
  2. Run the BlueStacks for installation.
  3. Click on BlueStacks icon and search for Telegram messaging app using its search box.
  4. Click on ‘Install’ button for installing Telegram.
  5. After installation click on the Telegram icon and start messaging using Telegram from your PC

Now I hope you have learned how to download Telegram for your pc and can enjoy instant messaging with Telegram app even without having smart phones.