Earn through Social Networking

Many people who wish to make money online but don’t have got smart approach towards running an internet business often ask about the simplest way with which THEY can make money online. I have received dozens of emails till now with people usually asking me the same old question – “how should I make money online? I don’t know…blah blah”

Such people usually don’t have much knowledge on how to do article marketing, email marketing, social media marketing and all such sorts of things with which pro’s make thousands of dollars online every month but listening to which these newbies just start banging their head on the desk (ohkay that’s too much). 

We know many people who earn from internet, but when we compare us from them then we get the diffrence we are not as much technical they are. So for a new bee or a non technical person, They  can earn through social networking.

So here is the way,

  • Indyarocks is the fastest growing mobile and online community for Indians across the globe. Here you can create your profile, meet and make friends, catch up with the latest movie buzz, play games, listen to latest music, catch live cricket scores, and win prizes every week by sharing photo, writing blogs etc..Indyarocks also allows its members to earn money for all their activity on the site. Users can sign up for free on Indyarocks and earn through Google Adsense Program on Indyarocks..
  • http://www.flixya.com/
    A social network that puts 100% ad revenue in your pocket. They built the tools for you to share your videos, photos, and blogs. Your place to make friends, earn money, network and more. A large number of the people are in the quest to find a platform to make money online and Flixya.com is its absolute example with it’s upgraded V3.0 three months ago. Flixya.com is such a website which gives you 100% Google Adsense revenue sharing and it’s also one of the amazing features of it. You just have to submit videos, photos & blogs to bring in money online its simple and easy only a green person can use it as he would like