Everything about Blogging

I used internet from childhood and heard about to earn money from internet and always think from it. Many times i search on website for  earning but getting always a answer to make a website and surveys too. i’ll try some times these bloddeys surveys sites but never get paid through it.then the next option left for me is to create the website. But to develop a website is quite complex. So the best alternative of website is blogging.


Everything about Blogging

What Exactly Is A Blog?

According to Wikipedia:

A blog is a user-generated website where entries are made in journal style and displayed in a reverse chronological order.

In plainer English, a blog is a website that shows the newest entries at the beginning, usually on the homepage. This website is a blog, and for that reason you will always find my newest writing on the homepage, at the top.

Even i am suggesting you if you are going to make a website then first make a blog and get experienced to internet world.To make a blog is too easy. Blogging is like a new world as much u can get it in more you explore more.Blog is a place, where people from around the world join together to share their thoughts, ideas, rants, daily journals, reviews, and lives with each other each and every day. Write about what you want, when you want, meet people, and have fun.

There are various blogging platform which is absolutely free to join like WordPress, blogspot, ………………………………….. etc. In my personal view you have to start from Blogspot, it is the easiest platform to open blog. And you can also try for wordpress , its one of the most used platform. To open a blog is as simple as to open a gmail or facebook account. Now Another Question Arises in your mind is that What type of blog you have to open ???

What Are Blogs About?

There are blogs about everything! This blog teaches people how to make money on the internet. There are blogs about sports, news, fitness, cooking, humor, teaching, parenting, celebrities, and everything else you can imagine.

Blogs are a great format for news sites. Since blogs show the newest entries first, readers can easily find the most recent news stories. Bloggers (those who blog) post news about every industry, and provide their own opinions on the subject matter.

When blogs first started, they were created primarily to be online journals, but have now evolved into websites about anything and everything.

How Do People Make Money Blogging?

Blogs can develop quite a following by people interested in the blog’s industry. Popular blogs can get thousands of hits per day. GizmodoEngadget, and Perez Hilton are three mega popular blogs which all get hundreds of thousands of visitors per day.

The traffic of most blogs is converted to money through advertising. That probably sounds difficult to you if you’re new, but it’s actually really easy to get traffic on your blog. For monetization you just need some Affliate program.

Amit agrawal is an indian blogger passout from IIT kanpur in 2003. He one’s of the most famous blogger from india. he left his job and start blogging and earnig a lot from it. presently his monthly earning from blogging is approx 5-6lac per month.