Free Download collection of Futura Fonts

Free Download collection-of-Futura-Fonts

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One of my reader suggest me about to prepare and share some pack or collections of font so i collected some great Future fonts and prepare complete pack of Futura fonts.

Futura is a geometric sans-serif typeface which means basically it does not have the small strokes at the end of letters. Futura fonts was designed by German type designer Paul Renner in 1927. It is beautiful elegant and simple. it has been used extensively in numerous design for around ninety years and initiated a long range of followers inspired by its style.

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Futura is glorious. It’s a classic, and a personal favorite of mine. The issue is when artistic and cultural trends narrow the ranges of expressions that we see in typography.

Free Download collection-of-Futura-Fonts
Free Download collection of Futura Fonts

Here i listed some fonts name of my collection pack

  • Futura Condensed
  • Bold oblique
  • light oblique
  • Book
  • Futural T
  • Condensed extra light ob
  • Extra bold oblique

Free Download collection of Futura Fonts

Hope you like my collection this pack contain best 20 type of fonts of futura and if you are looking for alternative of futura,I personally recommend Avant Garde, Bauhaus and Sofia.

Please read the license files of these fonts (if included in the download package). To the best of the knowledge of the writer, these fonts are either in the public domain and can be used freely without any charge, or are free for personal use. I download some of fonts from torrent.

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