How to get your toddler to sleep through the night

You have finally come to a stage where you think that you can rest through the night. The sleepless nights were hectic and terrible but you love your baby to death, and you had to endure. Now your child is a toddler, and they are still not sleeping through the night. Of course, you are wondering why and want a solution that will keep them in bed. The best toddler bed rails are still not enough to keep your young one in bed. However, there are certain things you can do to ensure that your baby sleeps the entire night.



The first thing you will have to learn is to be consistent. Ensure you have a bedtime routine.  Choose a time. Most parents find that they can get their children to bed at around 8 pm and have them sleep all night. Try that. Ensure that every day at precisely 8 pm your child is fed and they are in their beds. If this does not seem to work, get a clock and explain to them what it means when they clock is a certain way. In fact get one that has colors and tell your toddler that they cannot come out of their bedroom until the clock is green. They will stay in their rooms and eventually learn to sleep the entire night.

Follow the holistic approach

You have already heard that a balanced diet is perfect for your baby’s health. What you do not know is that when you baby is getting the right foods, they are getting the right amount of nutrients. They are therefore not likely to wake up for a night snack. You also need to ensure that you give your child the right amount of strictness and cuddles for them to feel loved. Sometimes children wake up at night because they feel that they have missed you. To prevent this, ensure you spend a lot of your time with them and that you let them know how much you love them. They will not feel lonely even when they are in their rooms alone.

Be age appropriate

Sometimes, as parents, it is natural to think that your child is all grown up just because they are more mature than other kids the same age.  You may, therefore, have too many expectations that may not be appropriate for their age. Children younger than two years will always wake up at night for a snack. Expecting them to sleep all night may be putting them in danger of malnutrition and starvation. At the right age, routines will be more applicable, and rules will be better understood.

A later bedtime

If your problem is that you children always wake up at 3 am to play, you might be putting them to bed too early. Alternatively, they may be taking their naps too late in the day. If your children do not nap during the day putting them to bed at 8 or earlier will have them sleep all night. However, if they do take naps during the day, you might want to consider putting them to bed at 9.


Putting your child to bed should not be such a huge issue. With consistency and a bedtime routine, they will learn what is expected of can also read about Evernote Alternative

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