How Google Adsense Work ??

How It Works??

Google Adsense Revenue Sharing Forums are purely Cost Per Click (CPC) websites which is the amount advertiser pays to Internet publishers for a single click on its advertisement which brings visitor(s) to its website. The forum uses Google Adsense to automatically serve relevant ads for the content that members create. Google pays AdSense publishers on a per click basis. Google is one of the leading CPC network in the industry and depending on the content and the Location, they pay from 20 cents to several dollars per click.

How-Google-Adsense-Work ??

How Google Adsense Work ??

If you have an AdSense account then you will have the ability to credit your account with the ads served on threads in forum your start or participate in. 50% of the time, your ads will be displayed and 50% of the time, webmasters ads are displayed (It may vary from forum to forum). If any one click on the Ads by Google then you will be paid for each and every click. Simple isn’t it?

Guidelines to join Google Adsense Revenue Sharing Forums:

a. You should have a Google Adsense Publiser’s Code (pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) in forums profile.

b. It is recommended to have a separate Google AdSense Channel ID for every forum (Just for tracking purpose).

c. Do not use copy content writ it yourself because fresh contents rated well in search engines.

d. Learn to attract most of the forum members through attractive and compelling title of the posts.

e. Post replies actively in the forums you will get paid for your replies too.

f. Signature every post with you website link (if you have one) for getting more visitors.

Tips & Tricks:

a. Your own Adsense Client ID will not be shown to you (if you are logged in). You might not get much exposure on posts with many replies because the ads are shared among every participant

b. If you have an Adsense account, you have the ability to credit your account with the ads served on threads you start or participate in.

So what are you waiting for? Quickly sign up for a Google Adsense Revenue Sharing Forums and Get your slice of earning from Google Adsense.

After joining the Adsense Revenue Sharing Forum create your profile with the Google Adsense Publishers ID, submit content by either asking questions, submitting articles, posting answers or simply introduce yourself. Adsense Revenue Sharing Forums share the revenue from the forum or websites with their active members and the web masters.