Google Cookies

Are Google Cookies a threat or privlidge ??

Google is the best search engine today. We all love Google, In fact many of us open Google to check if our Internet connection is working or not !! I know its funny but its a fact.
Google is the best place to search and find things that we do not know about.


But how many of you know about Google Cookies ??
We all know about Browser Cookies, Cookies simply store all the searches. Cookies are used to store the information about the visitors and also they are used to store the Login informations like username, passwords, etc.

Similar to Browser Cookies, Google also have Cookies.
Google builds up a detailed profile of your search terms over many years. So Google probably know when you were in love for the first time,
what diseases your children have had, who was your first crush and other things you have had searched about on google.

Google stores all the information regarding your search query, time etc. They save all this for our privlige, for our benefit.
When you will search something on google then it will show results using your old search queries.

If you want to hide all information from google then i have a solution for you !!

  • G-zapper

It helps you to stay anonymous while searching on google by deleting or blocking the google cookies that track your preferance and search history.G-Zapper helps you protect your identity and search history. G-Zapper will read the Google cookies installed on your PC, display the date it was installed, determine how long your searches have been tracked,  and display your Google searches. G-Zapper allows you to automatically delete or entirely block the Google search cookie from future installation. Easily block Google cookies and clean cookies with G-Zapper

If you don’t want a G-zapper, try a web-proxy.

The beauty with these sites is that you/your pc never makes contact with google or any other site.
All the information is sent through the proxy site’s servers.
It leaves no trace. is good but it doesn’t allow for google images, videos, etc. is better but it also doesn’t work for google images. is great, it access images, videos, etc.

Recently I’ve been testing to get to the places others don’t reach. By the way VPN is also a nice option.

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