Why you get Calls from numbers starting with 54321 ??

I get several comments on my article i.e. trace mobile number location, where many of readers need to trace or want to know the owner of these numbers “5432168718041, 5432168718014, 5432168718014, 5432168997160”, etc. All these numbers are starting from 54321. They also told that if they pick a call , a girl speaks something and call gets disconnected in few seconds.

Many people checked this number on truecaller and found that the number is register on the name of “Hell”, they were shocked and tried calling Customer care to report.

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Why you get Calls from numbers starting with 54321

If you are getting calls from these numbers starting with 54321 then most probably you are an Airtel user. And the next thing is that you must have done Mobile Portability Service.

In reality, its a service, yes its a special service provide by Airtel, where customers can make friends across India without revealing their Identity. Through this service users get an ID from Airtel and using that id, he/she can call you without showing their number. The number gets displayed as starting with 54321. In reality these numbers are the identities provided by Airtel.

Why you got Call from number starting with 54321 ??

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And you get the call just because somehow you might be registered on this service or you may be got registered on the time of Mobile portability.

Beware¬† from “54321 Scam”

May be Companies are making profit from this service, they get some identity through Airtel and make call to other customers who are associated to it and the call is connected just for 4-5 sec, where a girl say some thing in attractive voice and call gets disconnected. And when you call back, 3rs is deducted from your mobile balance.

How to get rid from calling from 54321 numbers

Above question’s answer is very simple, just call the customer care and ask the customer care executive to un-register you from this service. Another way is to activate DND(Do Not Disturb) service.

Tip : How to activate DND service – SMS “START <Option>” or “START <Option>, <Option>” to register your preference for receiving selective categories of promotional SMS’, to 1909.

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