Hay Day 2017 Tips, Cheats, & Tricks You Need to Win !!

Virtual farming consumes much time; it takes hours and hours each day to tend livestock and crops and keep things running smoothly on a virtual farm. But with the Hay day tips explained below it will save your time, collect resource for you and make it fun to play your favorite game. With the tips listed below, you are not to download anything online.


Hay Day 2017 Tips, Cheats, & Tricks You Need to Win !!

  1. Look for unlocked treasure chests

The more you use this Hay Day tip, it becomes less active, but the first couple of times it should work. You might need to try it as many as twenty times to find an open treasure chest.

Find a tool box on a helper’s, follower’s, or friend’s farm. If the box is closed, just tap anywhere on the screen, but don’t tap the x button.

The next step is to go to another friend’s farm and look for the same tool box. You can take everything inside if the tool box is unlocked. You can search for tools and other stuff you can use to keep your farming running smoothly. Once you go back to your farm you should find the tools you found in the tool box in available farming tools.

If the tool box is still locked? Keep doing the same process, until you find a tool box that’s unlocked. You can keep getting free stuff using this method, at least as long as it continues to work.

  1. Trick your Hay Day friends, followers, and helpers

This is one of the great tips you can use to convince your Hay Day farming friends, supporters, and helpers that you have just received double many coins and experience for completing a boat order.

You receive an order when you pull the boat into the dock, and you receive an order. Click on the check mark and hold it down. As you let go of the check mark, quickly click the x at the top of the page. The game will show you just received double some coins and experience, but you won’t be given double bonus.

  1. Get Extra Coins by Selling Goodies

Make sure you purchase construction equipment like dynamite in bulk when you can. After that, you can sell each of these items you have just purchased for 190 to 230 coins. This is a quickest and the safest way to get some additional coins whenever you need it. Also, advertise the last item you are selling. When people visit your in-game store, the advertisement will make all of the items you are selling the public.

  1. Do Away with Mature Crops

Once your crops have grown, you will not get any more benefits from the patches they are planted on, so it is best to just do away with them. Click on the field and use the sickle to do that, then drop some new crops to start the process all over again.

I hope you have a good day with the tips listed above on the farm. Using the Hay Day tips provided, you can reduce the amount of time it takes to keep your virtual farm profitable and working efficiently, and have more fun with it.

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