Healthcare Reform – the right time is now

Health care reform is a statement used for discussing the change of major health policy and creations by the Federal government. It is used to transform health care systems for the betterment of the country, and bring systematic challenges in the field of health around the country keeping in mind the economic status of the country. Functional Medicine is another form of system oriented approach which engages both patient and practitioner in a therapeutic collaboration.

As all most all the countries on a worldwide basis have population belonging to the middle class economic and lower class economic strata more than the average, there are problems arising in the health aid arenas like minimum supply of care, people aren’t able to opt for a better treatment because of the high cost of the high standard medical facility. This became a matter of concern for many governmental bodies; their political minds working in the favor of the citizens, thereby the economists came up with the plan of health care reforms.

Health care reforms broaden the population that is affected by the health care coverage either through private sector insurance programs or private sector insurance companies. With more number of individual coming under the security of health insurance, the chances of them get a better treatment without worrying about the huge cash outflow at a particular time. As these private policies are safeguarding the economic figures of so many costly medical aids, people are taking sighs of relief.


They are able to expand the array of health care providers which the consumers may choose from. The consumers now have an array of options from whom to choose and upon whom to rely for their health care. If they don’t agree with a particular provider, then they will be free to move to another.


Health care reforms play a vital role in to improving the access to health care specialists and physicians. Now that is a very big step. Granting an access to experience and talented medical specialists and physicians has proven to be the best part of the Reform. People used to die for not getting proper treatment, now that might be due to the fact that they didn’t have an access to the more knowledgeable physicians. As for now with these reforms into effect, the death rate demography can see a change.


They play a huge factor in increasing the quality of health care with their efficiency and use of the technology in detecting the issues. With evolving genes, following old traditional detecting methods proved to be outlaid since they failed to do so. With the introduction of the new technologies to the vast population changed the scenario of the health demographics.

With the changes in health care systems, the citizens are provided with better care and solutions to their problems and are being helped and guided in better way. Insurance mostly cover the expensive costs of the treatment and medicine. If better reforms and insurance plans are introduced, the cost of health care is decreased catering all the classes with good medical services.


While making some major reforms in health care, it should be kept in mind that there are people who use these reforms and abuse the health care system or are fraud, that is, they tend to pretend being sick and use the facilities free of cost for not a valid reason. So apart from introducing reforms, the government should also introduce laws that could safeguard these facilities from violation.


The government of many countries faces different and extremely difficult challenges in making the health care systems better in their country. It is a step by step process which needs to be followed and will be successful with the states and different territories joining hands together and helping the government and supporting them. But at first it should come from the individual level.


With different diseases present around the world and ageing people, it’s difficult to function on your own now without some medical help. Chronic diseases have recently increased in a huge number in many people around the world which can cause a lot of trouble if not treated the right way. Along with it, the sudden outbreak of epidemic diseases is also taking a toll on the Government.

One major reform which is needed in the healthcare systems is the use of latest technology and equipment. Functional Medicine is another latest addition into the huge changes of the medical world. It can make the health care systems a huge success and achieve all the targets that are needed for a successful health care system in a country.


Some other reforms like lowering the cost of medical facilities according to economic strata of the country could be effective since that is one of the major factors that hinder the treatment procedures.

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