From Healthy Diets to Freedom Fights: 5 ‘Rishta Struggles’ Every Girl can relate to

It doesn’t matter whether you are a career oriented b town boss or just a wander lust driven soul, if you are a girl and has grown above the number 18; chances are rishta parade is going to begin for you soon. And you can simply note the signs!

Does your mother repeat the “agle ghr” warnings at least hundred times a day? Have your cooking classes for desi feast begun? Do you get the ‘you are next’ stare from those gossip aunties? Yes? Then congratulations. You have officially entered the rishta alert zone. Here you will be given training to be the perfect marriage material. You may also have to forget about all those Hollywood crush hotties and concentrate on mastering the art of ‘gol rotiis‘. Also, you better throw all those summer tank tops away and dress yourself as the perfect mashriki girl to be the eye candy for all those possible suitors.

Marriage may be not the ultimate goal of your life but it certainly is for all those relatives out there who are going to eat your ears of with inquiries so you better brace yourself for the following rishta struggles that every desi girl has to face.

The Aunty Attack!

Your inner instinct should be on high alert as you are on the radar of all those aunties. So you better run before they catch you and tell you about every single girl of your age who is getting married.

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Get Ready for the Emotional Attiachar

Well well well never been a fan of mellow drama? You are still going to witness a lot of it. Nothing can convince you to join the rishta race more than the emotional blackmailing along with the flood of your mother’s tears.

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Dogging That Phupo ka Beta Trap!

Your believe in women improvement  is always going to struggle in front of ‘Phopu impowerment‘ who is desperate to make you her son’s bride.

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That ‘Gora Rung‘ Syndrome though

Forget your expansive eid dresses or your branded make up , if your complexion is even one scale low than the flour from which you have to make all those gol rottis from; you can not apply for the ‘chand si dulhan’ post! Common! Make the most of those ‘Fair n lovely’ million dollar funding!

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Balancing Age and Qualification on a Directly Proportional Equation

Well to be the perfect marriage material you better be a doctor and better not be more than twenty! Your future mother in Law is looking for a well qualified Bahu in her teens to be paired with her ‘laakhun mai ek’ half bald thirty year old son. That may makes you wander if you should have started going to school right after recovering from the incubator?

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