How much Conditioner should you Use

    How much Conditioner should you Use

Conditioners have always been one of those complicated hair care products that are hard to master. Questions such as, “Should I use it daily?” or “If I use it daily, will it hurt my hair”, etc. invariably comes to your mind. Another question that a majority of users of conditioners ask is, “How much conditioner should I use?” Now if you have ever washed your hair, only to discover that it’s not as clean as you expected it to be, or your hair looked dry and excessively fuzzy, then it may boil down to you using too little or too much conditioner.

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Here are some tips for you to follow if your desire is to know exactly how much conditioner you should always apply to your hair as propounded by a professional hairstylist:

  1. Before you even apply your favorite hair conditioner, you should make sure that the moisture in your hair is drastically reduced. Squeeze out as much wetness as you can, for if you apply your conditioner to sopping wet hair, the hair product will slip off. But if you squeeze the moisture out of your hair as much as possible, you should get a feel for how dry your hair is and an inkling of how much conditioner you will need to apply. But if you’re still not sure, then start with a small amount of conditioner at first to gauge how it feels. If your hair is long, curly, porous or thick and it laps up the conditioner, add a little more. You will eventually learn how and when it feels right
  2. The length of your hair determines the amount of conditioner that you should apply to it. For instance, if you have long hair, then the amount of conditioner to use should be about three times the size of a ten cent piece. If your hair is short, then apply a ten cent-sized amount of conditioner to it. For medium length hair, use double the ten cent-sized amount of conditioner.
  3. The strands of your hair also determine to a great extent, the amount of conditioner to use. If your hair strands are thin, then use a little amount of conditioner; but if your hair is thick or wavy, then you need to use a bit more conditioner. For porous hair, a more intensive conditioner is advised, instead of going for a larger amount of conditioner.
  4. Never apply your conditioner from the roots of your hair. If you have an oily scalp, then you should be extra careful. Keep conditioner below the lobes of your ear; for people with coarse, curly or thick hair, your conditioning should go higher up than those with fine hair.
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  5. Anytime you make use of your conditioner, never use a hair comb but your fingers. Using your fingers will make you discover areas in your hair that feels dry to the touch and needs additional conditioning. Therefore, work the conditioner through your hair using your fingers and down the strands of your hair, not up.
  6. Another pointer to figuring out how much conditioner to use per time as well as how long you should leave it on, check the instructions on the label of the product you are using. This varies from one product to another, and also depends on the major constituents in the product itself.


In conclusion, be careful what type of conditioning product you use. Some conditioners could damage your hair instead of adding nutrients and a glossy shine to your hair. So look for and use silicon-free conditioners anytime you want to buy one.


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