How to get Iphone App Store on your Android Mobile

It could sound weird be its true that You can actually browse iPhone app store i.e Apple app store from your android smartphone. Yes I am senses and not at all kidding . I know it’s not possible to run iOs apps or iPhone app store on android devices but it’s absolutely possible to have a glance of the iPhone app store . You can do this with the help of a  third party  . It is even more faster then the usually browsing which you do in your android smartphone .

How to get Iphone App Store on your Android Mobile

If you pretty much interested in iPhone app store then “ Apps Explorer “ app is all what you are looking for in your android Google pay store .  It is the right destination for all you iPhone apps lover who unfortunately or fortunately using android smartphone .

How to get Iphone App Store on your Android Mobile

Apps Explorer :  Apps explorer is one of its type app in android fully designed for you all iphone apps lover so that you can enjoy the iPhone app store and can choose a similar suitable app for your device .

  Features : –

  1. It helps you to view or browse apple aap store, which is available only for iOs device , from your  Android smartphone .
  2. You can also view app’s description, search result, description and ranking .
  3. It also enables you to share app’s information with your family and friends .
  4. You can also search for the apps which are available in particular region only .

Note :  You can only browse apps, but cannot download any of the app iOs app with apps explorer .

How to install Apps Explorer on your android smartphone :

To guide with how to download and install App Explorer app  we have jot down the following steps . Follow these step to download and install Apps Explorer app so that you can easily browse iPhone app store from your android smartphone .

  1. Go to Google play store .
  2. Then search their “ Apps explorer ” from the list of available apps .
  3. Click on install button to start installing. It’s a free app. So no cost would be required to install it and to use it .
  4. Now start “ Apps explorer ” . The list of paid apps on iPhone app store will be shown to you on your screen .
  5. You can change the view if you want from the drop – down menu .  The menus available at the top will help you to select between paid and free app. The menus will also enables you  to sort by genre and popularity .
  6. Click on the app whose detail you want to see . This option will load all the description of the app as well as screenshots so as to make your choice easier .
  7. Click on the “ Share ” option given in the upper – right corner of your screen for  share and search . After clicking on “ Share ” option a menu opens up with several different options .
  1. “ Search App on Market ” : – It will enable the Google Play Store to search for the app bearing the title . This will help you to find the app with the same title in Google play store or may find a comparable app for android smartphone .
  2. “ Search Author on Market ” : – This enables you to find the app’s  developer on the Google Play Store.
  3. “ Search App on Google ” : – It  will simply search for the title in Google search.
  4. “ Share App For Info ” : – This option will show you a list of options available for the sharing of info, depending on the apps installed on your device.  Sharing will leads to sending of links to the recipient a link of the iPhone app store of that app.
  5. You can also buy the app for you iPhone. Go to app’s page in the website of App store.  Click on the button given on the bottom of you page to open up your browser. This will redirect you to the page of the app, their you log in into  your Apple account and can buy it.

I hope now you are ready for a ride of iPhone app store from your  android smartphone. If not!! Then go and grab Apps Explorer app and download it on your smartphone fast so that you can enjoy both at cost of one.

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