How to make money online

How to make money online – Gone are the days when earning money was difficult. Let me introduce to you the new age of technology through which you can earn money online. These ways are the genuine ways to earn money from home. If you work in proper direction, you can make dozens out of it easily. Remember one thing before you do anything, it is not easy to make money until you work hard.

Our generation Works harder and Party more harder, this suits us better…;)

You might have come across jobs like Click on ads, Email checking, Data entry & Filling forms etc. I found most of them fraud. I will not say that all of them are fraud but half of the companies are fraud (How to make money online).

There are many things worth doing online instead of your regular chat on facebook,  there is more into internet than you had ever thought and its time to nail down this bitch called ‘INTERNET’ . You need to just invest your chatting time in below methods and believe me this time will bring for you some fruitful results.

How to make money online

How to make money online easy & Legit ways

  • Make money by viewing ads on your Android lock screen

    I am trying this Android app called Locket. It puts ads on your lock screen and pays you for each time you unlock your phone.

    I’ve been using it for a few days now and have made about 3 bucks thus far, so it isn’t huge, but at the same time, I didn’t really have to do any work to earn the money. Quick video review

  •  Get paid using your iPhone (or Android)

Here i am sharing few app of android which pay you to do simple task like clicking a selfie while drinking a starbucks, or taking a picture of menuor verifying a bridge is closed — you get the  picture and such apps are

  1. WeReward
  2. Juno Wallet
  3. CheckPoints
  4. Gigwalk
  • Chacha Guide 
  • ChaCha guide: Many of us like internet surfing and most of us are frustrated by the people who don’t know how to search efficiently online. And if you consider yourself efficient and you’ve got some free time, becoming a ChaCha guide might be exactly what you’re looking for. has build itself as a human alternative to search engines. You enter a question, and they return a number of answers to similar questions asked before. But if none of these seem right you can submit the question to one of their live guides, who will work their magic on the web, find the answer, and send it to you on your phone.

According to a pretty thorough review of the program by a former guide, the current pay rate is 10 or 20 cents per query, depending on performance. Payment is monthly, as long as the ChaCha guide earns over $100, but there is also an instant pay option

  • Change your Hobbies in to cash

If you are passionate photographer then these two great photography sites should be checked by you. They are Imagekind or FineArtAmerica. If You are not into  photography now then you can also try this site i.e Ezzwealth selling your old photos. You do not have to be a photographer or anything if you want to try this. It will do all the work for you, all you have to do is upload the photos. And for other hobbies like knitting or crafting, you can sell your goods on sites like Etsy or ArtFire

  • Give Advice

Know a lot about medicine or car repairs? JustAnswer is a paid question-and-answer site that’s growing its community of experts in the medical, legal and financial fields, as well as in other specialties like car repair and home improvement. Registered customers ask a question and then name the price they’re willing to pay (usually from $10 to $40) for an expert answer. 


Earning some extra money without affecting the daily life and schedule is the dream of everyone. Hope the above methods will work for you. If i you have other legit ways to make money online then please share with us in comments section. i will surely try to include them in my next post which will also be on the same topic- How to make money Online.

How to make money online