How to Prepare Washable Hair Dye


The coloring of hair is a trend that many people are following these days. The reasons for changing hair color are usually cosmetic: some do it to cover their natural or unnatural (due to loss of melanin) gray hair, or to change it to a popular color. Some do it because they want to restore the original color of their hair which was probably discolored or damaged as a result of hairdressing procedures over an extended period or as a result of getting bleached by the sun.

How to Prepare Washable Hair Dye

Hair coloring is so popular today that is estimated that more than seventy-five percent of women in the United States dye their hair. In fact, in the United States alone, hair coloring was discovered to have reached a staggering $1.9 billion about five years ago (in 2011) and has crossed the $2 billion dollar mark in 2016.

The coloring of hair can be done by professional hairdressers or by yourself at home if you have the right ingredients. Have you been eyeing a new hair color and wondered how to do the same to your hair without doing so permanently? Welcome to the circle of lovers of temporary hair dye. You have nothing to worry about because most temporary hair dyes can be washed out quickly in just two shampoo applications; for that reason, you can go ahead and follow this growing trend!
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Temporary hair colors or dyes are large molecules (i.e. they are of high molecular weight) that coat or overlay the surface of the hair and do not permeate deep into the hair cuticle. That is, the color particles of the pigments are adsorbed to the surface of the hair strands. Most of the chemicals or pigments used in making temporary dyes are not harsh, and you can do virtually any style your creative mind presents to you with the full assurance that your natural hair strands will not be damaged in the process.

Temporary hair dyes are also available in various forms including shampoos, rinses, foams, sprays or gels. Temporary hair colors are usually more vibrant and brighter than permanent hair colors.

How to Prepare Washable Hair Dye

Washable hair dye can be made in various ways. It just depends on the materials you have at hand and knowing the steps to follow to make the pigment we want to use. We will be taking a look at and following step-by-step preparation of washable hair dyes below:

Washable Markers

The materials you will need to prepare a temporary hair dye using washable markers are:

  1. Washable Crayola markers
  2. A pair of gloves

iii.   A glass of water

  1. Dye applicator brushes
  2. A pair of scissors

Steps to Follow

  1. Take off the lid of the Crayola marker and use the pair of scissors to cut away the top and bottom parts
  2. Put on the pair of gloves, then remove the ink cartridge from the tube and put one end of the cartridge in a glass of water
  3. Wait until the tip of the cartridge turns white.
  4. To get more ink out of the cartridge, blow air through the white end of the cartridge and catch the ink with an empty glass. In case you don’t want the cartridge to touch your lips, create a buffer using your thumb and index finger.
  5. Get hold of the hair dye applicator brush and apply the ink to your hair. Then allow the ink to sit on your hair for a short while before washing it out
  6. Rinse out the ink using cold water, and then style it the way you want.

Take note: the outcome may vary; it all depends on the type of color you work with as well as on your hair.

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Brunette Coffee Dye

To prepare a coffee hair dye, you will need the following materials:

  1. A pot of brewed black tea or coffee
  2. A shower cap

iii.    Timer

  1. Wide tooth comb
  2. About two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar
  3. Smock or cape

Steps to Follow

  1. Mix apple cider vinegar into the brewed black tea or coffee
  2. Then use the wide comb to apply and comb through all the hair until it is coated entirely
  3. Put on the shower cap over the hair and let it sit on the hair for about thirty minutes
  4. Rinse the hair
  5. You could hang on for approximately twenty-four hours before applying shampoo to it.

Dye for Red

Although there are different shades of red, you could opt to make your own without spending too much money. Here is what you need to get started:

  1. Stovetop pan
  2. 2 cups of water

iii.    Cape or smock

  1. Half or up to a full cup of Rose hips
  2. Shower cap
  3. Tooth Comb

Steps to Follow

  1. Brew or prepare rose hips in water to create a dark tisane or tea, long enough to reduce to reduce rose hips by half
  2. Comb the mixture through the hair using the wide comb
  3. Put on your shower cap and leave it on for approximately sixty minutes. Ensure you also adjust it based on your strand test
  4. Rinse your hair
  5. Avoid shampooing for twenty-four hours
  6. Apply shampoo, then condition and style your hair as you deem fit.

Food coloring to prepare homemade fantasy colors

Many teens, as well as a cross section of adults, are raving fans of fantasy colors. You can make a fantasy color or dye using food coloring.

Materials needed include:

  1. Vaseline
  2. A pair of plastic gloves

iii.    Applicator bottle

  1. Two or more hair clips
  2. About eighteen drops of liquid food coloring
  3. Water

vii.    A shower cap

viii.    Smock or old shirt

  1. About three ounces of shampoo

Steps to Follow

  1. Choose the food color that you want to make use of and mix it with shampoo inside the applicator bottle. Put in six drops of your desired food coloring for each ounce of shampoo until you have enough; the amount you need will depend on your hair
  2. Shake the applicator bottle until the coloring, and shampoo is thoroughly blended
  3. Add one tablespoonful of water for each ounce of shampoo and shake the bottle again for approximately two minutes
  4. Dampen your hair
  5. Apply the Vaseline petroleum jelly around your face under your hairline so that the food coloring does not stain your face
  6. If you don’t want to color some sections of your hair, you could make use of clips to hold them at bay
  7. Begin to apply the food coloring admixture from the roots of your hair to the sections you want
  8. Let it sit on your hair for about thirty minutes to three hours, depending on the outcome of your strand test
  9. Then rinse the shampoo admixture out of your hair and condition it appropriately
  10. Style it the way you want, making sure that you avoid regular shampooing for approximately 24 hours

In conclusion, please bear in mind that if you have previously lightened your hair, you need to be careful with the color you use in dyeing your hair. Lightened hair strand tend to suck in whatever color is applied and will retain it for a long time, translating to a not-so-temporary hair dye. Secondly, you’re your hair is too dry, it could make temporary hair dye to persist. Therefore, following the advice of a professional hair stylist, you should endeavor to apply the color sparingly or under your hair in such a way that it can be hidden from sight.

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