How to run multiple computers from single CPU

How to run multiple computers from single CPU

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Today i will show you how can run multiple computers from single CPU. I mean how can you run multiple workstations from single CPU.

You must have heard about desktop virtualization ? If not, i’ll tell you about it all what i know.

There are many approaches to virtualization
Most virtualization technologies are expensive to acquire, implement, and maintain. NComputing is different because we save you money from day one. This desktop virtualization technology allows up to 100 users to simultaneously use a single computer—at a very low cost. I looked for it and came to conclusion that this is one of the best thing which i have came to known recently in computer field.

so what is desktop virtualization? In simple terms it is sharing the power of single cpu with multiple users .It appears to each of the user that he is using his own complete setup including processor .This technology is not new but its availability to general public is certainly new.

Here is simple example to understand how to set up desktop virtualization.

what you are going to need if you don’t want to use desktop virtualization.

11 monitors,11 speakers ,11 keyboards, 11 mouse and 11 cpu

what you are going to need if you want to use desktop virtualization

11 monitors,11 speakers ,11 keyboards, 11 mouse, 1 cpu and 2 desktop virtualization kits (a kit comes with software and hardware and can support 5 users.)

How to run multiple computers from single CPU
How to run multiple computers from single CPU

Advantage of running multiple computers from single cpu

You are saving the maintenance and power cost of 10 CPUs.

Typically a user is able to utilize only 10 % of available CPU power . This one kit uses approx 70 % of cpu power among 6 users including the host.

Currently the company which is providing this kit is Ncomputing. For more information and processing related issues visit product guide.

There are various models available as we go for Ncomputing. i will share all the information regarding every model with specification.

Here is a video which explains in details

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  1. Sounds exactly what I need for my office – a computerised job card which can be updated from different workstations in different offices – much more efficient than passing a piece of paper round the workshop!

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