How to Use Hiren Boot CD

Hiren’s Boot CD is a vast collection of bootable and portable utilities for the management, diagnosis and repair of computer problems, recover lost or deleted files or cracking passwords. There is no computer problem for which HBCD does not have at least one tool to help with its solution. In addition, HBCD provides the means to take control of any computer and communicate with other computers, surf the internet, write documents or programs, without booting the installed operating system. There are literally hundreds of utilities and it is advised that you explore the contents before the need for it arises.

How to Use Hiren Boot CD

Hiren’s Boot CD can be used in two ways:

  • As a boot CD to take control of the computer without starting the installed operating system so that we can do repairs or clone the main disk, recover files, test the memory and hardware, clean severe viral infections, etc. To do any of these simply boot the computer from the CD and select a utility from the menu. Options include 3 Mini Windows environments (98, XP and 7) and a Linux rescue environment.
  • As a collection of portable repair and diagnostic utilities which can be run from within Windows without installation. To do this insert the CD when Windows is running and select a utility from the HBCD Program Launcher menu. If the CD does not autorun you may start the menu by running HBCDMenu.cmd. When the operating system not functional or unavailable the portable utilities may be still be used if we boot a Mini Windows environment included in the CD. (3rd option of the main boot menu).


Hiren BootCD can be used in 3 ways.

  • Burn it to a CD or DVD.
  • Make it USB/Pendrive Bootable.
  • Mount it using Power ISO or Similar softwares.

Any method can be apply to get the access to Hiren Boot CD. Now the remaining is thing depend on Why you are using Hiren Boot CD ??
So, to solving your dedicated problem We post Hiren Boot CD Tutorials Check them.