How I Improved My SoundCloud followers In One Day

SoundCloud is currently the most likes and used the social app by musicians and even listeners. Those who are looking for a worthy platform to give their work an independent identity find SoundCloud quite favorable. Around the world, people are sharing and highlighting their music but to get attention for each one is still a challenge. To increase SoundCloud followers you need to work on various strategies. Some of them with instant results are explained here:


  1. Carefully choose to time for release

In such a fickle world of social media to get attention for long is really a tough task. Therefore, if you desire to reach out to maximum audience, you should be sure of the timing of the release. Firstly, you should be aware of your target audience and what region they belong to, only then go for the perfect time zone. Otherwise, if the target listeners will not be able to catch up with it, the attempt would fail instantly. Make sure almost everyone witnesses your work when you release it.


  1. Subscribe to related accounts

So many brilliant artists are out there, who have something unique and different to share. You should closely observe their work and strategy to learn and execute in your own project. There are different genres of music but at least stay aware with those who are related to your work and build long-term connections in the industry. This will not only increase SoundCloud followers but will give you stability.


  1. Take small steps for a big move

Do not go after the big bloggers only, rather you should try to get connected with small blogs and members of the industry. Start from a small initiative and the rest will fall into place. Those who do not feature work on a daily basis should not be considered less from anyone. Rather they would give preference to your work, who if they have less reach, gradually the visibility of blog will improve and so will your project.


  1. Stay active on Social channels

Using Facebook groups as a tool to get popularity and followers on SoundCloud is a tried and tested formula. Alongside, it helps in building a relationship with the creative minds of the music industry. Twitter, Google+, Tumblr and more such networks help you in establishing your work in the struggling phase.


  1. Collaborate with other artists

To make your work valid in the audiences’ mind as a beginner, established names or artists should be requested to give their support. At least ask them to repost your track so that their followers can listen to it and the chances to improve your followers will also increase.


  1. Repost your song

Posting a song frequently is a good idea initially as the track doesn’t get attention instantly. You have to remind the audience again and again and get their feedback. This is an effective method to push your track on the top of the list.


  1. Launch your new track as free download

To offer things for free is undoubtedly the best thing you can come up with. The followers are continuously looking something refreshing and interesting but with that, if they get it free of cost, the offer becomes more attractive.


  1. Establish your project name

Your work may get attention from the audience, but to give you project a brand name and make it popular based on that name is more important. To build an identity by the name of the artist or song or band should be decided before you put the track across. What name your artwork is going to be famous with is something you have to be clear on. Use that title as your brand name to earn popularity.


  1. Buy SoundCloud followers

The number game needs to start and to give that start a rapid growth, you can go for buy SoundCloud followers. It is not a method that you should solely rely upon rather one of the useful tools in increasing followers. More numbers attract other and hence you manage to get in a position where organic followers will begin to add in and improve the number count further.



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