Increasing Trend of French Classes in Colleges

If you have not ever learned a foreign language, it means that you are missing out something. Some time ago, the state of Delhi jumped on that bandwagon and the state has no mood to slow down from the rapport. Of course, it is true that most Indians are bilingual, but that does not suffice anymore.

If you are confused about the foreign language to choose, you should choose French. There are many reasons why most colleges in India show an increasing trend to offer French classes to their students. Not just because studying French is fashionable, but also for many other reasons colleges show an increasing trend to offer French classes. Let us explore the reasons for this increasing trend among colleges:

Because it is a part of whom you are:

Yes, college authorities are well-aware of the fact that English and French languages have a pretty mixed-up history. After the Norman Conquest of 1066, Norman French was begun to be adopted as the language of power on the British Isles. After this, for the next 40 decades, French was the language of dignity and it was also used in official documents.


However, King Henry V put a cessation to that when he decided for a war with France. But just due to the fact that both languages existed in parallel for so long, the English language started to pepper with the words of French origin.

Yes, most of the words in the English language can be traced to their roots from French. This means that colleges know that their students already have a basic knowledge of French language.

Because the language is not difficult:

Most English-speaking people do not have the great reputation for speaking foreign languages. But, French is a language in which not just English-natives, but most people, who know English utter some words.

This is not just because of the similarities discussed above, but also because of the fact that French is taught widely in schools.

Also, most French-speaking countries continue to dominate the touring domain. Of course, it is true that there are some finicky grammar rules that the learners should understand. But, in general, English grammar rightly corresponds pretty much closer to French grammar.

Because French is more than just France:

Let me tell you one thing: it will take a lifetime to identify the abundance of delight that French has to offer. Colleges very well know that knowledge of French will help their students to gain access to these delights.

In addition, students will be able to make up to countries like Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and Canada, where French is the official language. Yes, when you have the knowledge of this subject, you can visit many countries. This is the important reason why colleges offer French classes for their students.

Because learning French is the stepping stone to learn other languages:

One of the interesting things about learning a foreign language like French is that you will get to know how much you know your own language.

This, in turn, will help you with a plethora of tools that you can use to learn further languages. Also, when you get a chance to learn other languages like Italian, Spanish and Portuguese in the future, you will recognize a whole lot of similarities with respect to grammar and etymology.

To offer a career advantage:

Most colleges these days aim at providing the best career opportunities for their students. They strongly believe that when their students have the ability to speak both English and French, they will become competent enough to be hired by multinational companies.

In fact, organizations in different sectors like luxury goods, automotive, retailing and aeronautics and even many other sectors have French as their working language even today. Furthermore, France attracts researchers, entrepreneurs and foreign students from different countries being the world’s fifth biggest economy.


There are many other benefits French can bring to their students. These are the important reasons why colleges show an increasing trend to offer French Classes for their students.

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