Influence of Social Media on the Muay Thai Website

Muay Thai is a combat sport from Thailand. Training in Muay Thai entails learning various techniques of clinching and stand up strikes. The mental and physical discipline derived from simultaneous use of shins, knees, elbows, and fists is unique with Muay Thai. The Muay Thai culture allows a fighter to enjoy full contact against opponent hence making them quite efficient fighters.  The Thailand sport became very popular internationally in the 20th century. The fame spread when Muay Thai practitioners successfully defeated reputable practitioners of other categories of martial art. Muay Thai is a regulated sport by Thailand’s professional boxers association.


Muay Thai Social Media Presence


The advent of the internet has made it possible for many businesses and sporting activities to spread their wings. Social Media Marketing has quickly become the new norm in promoting activities online.  Muay Thai is not an exception. Websites with detailed information on an entity have made it possible for clients to understand various aspects of different organizations from the comfort of their houses.


Considering that social media pages like twitter, Instagram and YouTube were only established between the year 2005 and 2010 Muay Thai has not had the opportunity to effectively grow through this platforms. In Thailand, social media has not until recently been used to market businesses. YouTube has been used to market Muay Thai even though not to the scale that many would have expected. The gradual growth in the use of websites, social media, and the marketing blog has been propagated largely due to enhanced video playing abilities on Smartphone devices.


Growth of Muay Thai with the Advancement of Internet Technology


To date, it is quite difficult to come across online information regarding superstars in the Muay Thai culture. Muay Thai fighters of current age and previous generation are at risk of completely missing out on the quickly evolving internet revolution. Camps and training centers must become internet savvy by recording footages of the training and posting them online. Some active marketing initiatives through blog, social media, the website and intensive internet promotions will help save the sport. Muay Thai trainers, camps and legends must not relent in their effort to improve the global presence of the sport. Internet technology is definitely the solution.


Benefits of Social Media to Muay Thai


With the little social media presence, Muay Thai enjoys many more gyms have been established to meet the growing demand for the sport. For the brief period that Muay Thai has injected energy on online marketing, the sport has become competitive and likable. The players in Muay Thai must focus more on different global languages and bring in more information technology experts to help improve on online marketing.


Internet marketing in Thailand and the Impact on Muay Thai


Over the past few years, Thailand has embraced internet use for business marketing. The concept of digital marketing must however not be reduced to the number of likes the sport gets on Facebook or the following on Twitter. Muay Thai Camp @ Thailand is a good example of social media. The most important thing is to communicate the uniqueness of Muay Thai and the benefits that come with the sport.

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