Insights on App Development by Apple Incorporation

The secrecy of ideas and the process protocols are the things which make Apple one of the finest app developing companies of the 21st century. Read on.

Apple is considered to be the most successful business venture of the modern era. The company has some stats to back these claims too. At present, it has more than 590 million users all around the globe. In near future, Apple will be the first company to be worth more than $1 trillion. So, it surely has all the rights to be reckoned as the biggest company in the world.

The truth behind this amazing success, which Apple has made during the course of time, is its privacy and secrecy. In his book titled ‘Inside Apple: How America’s Most Admired Company Really Works’, Adam Lashinsky says that the employees at the company, especially the ones from the design departments, are extremely secretive about their work. This is how, with each passing day, Apple gives birth to surprises in the world of technology and innovation.

In his book, Adam goes on to explain that different departments of the company maintain their own chains of hierarchy; this means that every department has a certain degree of autonomy. This is particularly true for the design department, since their work is the most critical one. The secrecy helps the design department in coming up with innovative ideas regardless of the difficulties and technicalities associated with production.

Since every department works free from external pressure, it allows them to be fully creative with their ideas. Below, we have briefly discussed some insights on product and app development by Apple Incorporation.

Process Iteration

Iteration is a constant process happening at Apple. Once an app or a product is manufactured, it is again handed over to the design department that makes further necessary improvements to it. After this, the app/product is released.

During and after the launch of an app/product, the design department resumes its work of building on the previous designs and tries to bring further improvements in them. This never ending struggle to become better than before is what makes Apple an extremely successful company.

Interactive Community Support

The user community is at the heart of every process here at Apple Inc. Keeping a close contact with them and bringing their views into consideration is a core value of the company. Super Evil Megacorp, an app development subsidiary of Apple, says that cultivating a close relationship with the brilliant minds from their user community is essential to their growth.

Constant reviews and ideas are picked from the user community and work is done to refine these suggestions. At the end, these are introduced into the future designs for maximum user satisfaction.

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Paid Business Models

Lastly, certain Apple app developers, like 3 Minute Games, say that using paid business models helps them maintain the best experience for business professionals as well as amateur users. Deciding on a business model which suits the needs of all sorts of users is the real focus here at Apple.

These are the set of values and processes which play their part in making things happen at Apple. With its secrecy and motivation to excel, Apple has become one of the leading business giants in the world.

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