Jaw Dropping things Done by a 3d Printing Technology

3D printing technology started its journey in ‘80s when Chuck Hall invented the process to made 3D parts layer by layer but now it has come so far that it has been used to create medical implants, houses and even food.

It all begin with speeding the prototyping by reducing time and money in making a prototype but when researchers figured out that it can be employed for constructing three-dimensional objects they started using 3D printers for a variety of applications. 3D printers have revolutionized the entire manufacturing industry through which engineers and scientists have made some amazing things and below are a few of these experiments that turned into awesome achievements of 3D printing technology.

  1. 3D printed house in China

In East China’s Binzhou City, Liao Xiaojun and his team has built an entire house using a 3D printer. Within two months, the house will be fabricated with concrete. This house has currently two courtyards and a Jiangnan style floor. It is also eco friendly and cost-effective plus it is ready to move-in and has various facilities like air conditioning. They build it via a massive 3D printer which brings into play the liquid material and computer control for precision. In order to make it they applied layers of materials with thickness up to 3cm. It also contains electrical connection incorporated in it with insulation to protect the owner from any kind of electrical shock.

There is also less waste generated by this because of high precision that the computer provides. It is located in East China’s Shandong Province and soon they will start making it available to public. It is only the first phase of the 3D printing construction project, and now their next project is build a park. Some people would show doubts about 3D printing but builders are optimistic about it. According to Xiaojun, soon there will be a trend of construction using 3D printing because 3D printers take less time and provide better precision and it will be useful for other activities as well.

  1. Human ears

Researchers from Princeton University made a bionic ear that can pick up audio frequencies far beyond the range of normal human capacity. Many companies like 7tech 3d pen are coming forward with innovative ideas. The idea first came to Professor Micheal McAlpine who was trying to use standard-tissue engineering to replicate biological structures but couldn’t do it and later revolution in 3D printing made it possible to create first bionic human ear. The team from Princeton used hydrogel, calf cells and silver nano particles to create it. They used silver nano particles for antenna, calf cells for cartilage and hydrogel to make ear-like structure while the researchers are excited by their invention, they are now figuring out new ways to craft systems that will enable human augmented capabilities.

They are calling these systems as “sixth sense” because it will enable anyone to directly communicate with electronic devices like smartphones. These will be applied to heal any disability. Such systems will be used for various medical applications in order to create a human cybrog.

  1. Car

A manufacturer named Kor Ecologic from Manitoba has made the greenest car on the earth known as Urbee. Ecologic has made the Guinness Book of World Records by travelling from San Francisco to New York using Urbee and only ten liters of ethanol was used by the engines. The Urbee is a three-wheeled electrical car in its second stage of prototyping. It is capable of running at an extremely 200 miles to the gallon. It was first displayed publicly in Canada in 2011. The vehicle has on-board batteries to power electric motors and ethanol to control the engine. It is the greenest car on the earth and the designers has printed entire exterior and interior using 3D printers.

In case of solid parts, developer Kor Ecologic used whitish plastic instead of sheet metal panels. The complete assemblies of moving parts are welded and finished together to build the entire structure supportable. The company is now looking forward to test safety standards so, they can make the car available to public as soon as possible.

  1. Human Tissue

A startup company from Texas TeVido BioDevices has created the first human tissue using Bioprinters. The aim of the company is to build custom, natural implants made from a person’s own cell. The startup is working to address the medical challenges of lumpectomy disfigurement and nipple reconstruction. They used Bioprinters to form a 3-D cell structure that resembles a human like tissue, the printer uses bio-ink (a mixture made of living-cell) to made natural implants using person’s cell. The 3D printing technology has an enormous potential in medical field from building artificial bones to creation of living tissues, there will be companies printing actual working organs from 3D printers.

There is nothing you can’t make using 3D printers while we have only given four amazing things done by 3D printers it doesn’t mean that its potential is finite. The applications of 3D printer are so much more that the engineers and researchers around the world are figuring out ways to make use of 3D printers in every field. It is actually possible that soon there will be 3D printers in everyone’s home for making things and DIY works.

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