List of Best Free Browser for Android

Still using the inbuilt browser in Android smartphone?? You are surely missing a great experience of internet browsing.  Android users can avail or opt for another browser from the plenty number of available browsers from Google play then to using the  inbuilt android browser. This will make you feel a richer  browsing  experience on your android smartphone.

List of Best Free Browser for Android

We compiled and compared different browser options available for android smartphone to see which android browser deserves to be default choice for your android phone and we come up with the following result.

List of Best Free Browser for Android

  • Google Chrome : Notably one the best and the most preferred  and the popular browser amongst the android smartphone user. Google chrome offers  seamlessly sync amongst devices by logging into the Google account,  so that you can access bookmarks and tabs from your smartphone, laptop or tablet.

It also helps to minimize data usage up to 50% and provides faster browsing  and quick access to previously visited websites and pages. Voice search feature of google is like adding seven stars to it. You can translate web pages in any language. For all in one google experience, Google Chrome is the browser you want.

  • Firefox : The faster, smatter and safer, the firefox browser for Android smartphone from Mozilla offers you much more then usually to make your browsing experience all yours.

Blazing search speed for web pages makes it faster to access and easy to use. It provide  smarter  way to search and share exactly the way you want to and keep all your favorite stuff a tap away  with the highly customizable and amazing features. Safety is also on the top priority. You can use security settings, features and add-ons for example do not track , etc ; to make browsing more secure.

  • Opera Mini  Opera Mini app is free, fast and goes all the way out to compress data at a very fast speed, so to enhance the browsing experience. It also helps to save our data. It uses 90% less data compared to other browser available for android smartphone,  enabling you cheaper and faster internet.

Not only speed but opera mini also focus on safety and security. Data privacy is maintained for safe browsing. It also provides you with a unique feature of Speed dialing. You can put all your favorite and most used stuff on home screen for speed dialing. Smart page is another add on which compiles for you all the latest happening  and delivers instant news of what is happening from all your social networking sites.

  • Dolphin : Dolphin is another android smartphone browsing app which provides you with a lightning fast speed. It assure  to provide the best browsing and searching experience of your android smartphone. Dulphin Browser provide you free web surf with exclusive features  to add up your browsing .

Dolphin also enables you to personalize all your browsing on web. You can use personal symbols or gesture to access the website you use the most. It also provides you with a feature of voice search. You can bookmark all your favourite website to navigate it later plus you can also share it with your friends and family by using social networking website .

  • Next Browser : Next Browser provides you with easy to use, beautiful, simple and fastest web browsing. Faster Data browsing with more security and privacy.

Next browser app comes in a small package but loaded with lots and lots of features. It consume less memory and low power consumption. Provide super fast speed and it take even less then 1.5 sec  to open a website. Add on options are also available if you want them  but overall a very nice app especially for older mobile .


List of above browsers will lead your browsing experience to a new height. So don’t stick to the inbuilt android browser because after all it’s a smartphone. Go and try them and make the most out of it.

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