List of Top 10 Free Antivirus

List of Top 10 Free  Antivirus

After talking about List of Top Ten Antivirus 2014 now it’s time to talk about  free Antivirus. You might know many of these antivirus software, but here is the list of top 10 free antiviruses.

List of Top 10 Free  Antivirus

List of Top 10 Free Antivirus

Before we start, remember that these versions do not offer the same protection as their paid versions. They don’t have all the features of a full paid antivirus and do not do as good of a job, so I won’t compare them with those versions, but from a free antivirus perspective.

Note: These Antiviruses are not arranged in any order, It’s just a random list.

List of Top 10 Free  Antivirus


List of Top 10 Free Antivirus

  1. Avast! Free Antivirus

  2. Panda Cloud Antivirus

  3. Microsoft Security Essentials

  4. Avira AntiVir Personal Edition

  5. AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition

  6. Comodo Antivirus

  7. Immunet Protect FREE

  8. PC Tools AntiVirus Free

  9. Malwarebytes

  10. ClamWin Free Antivirus

All above declared antivirus software programs having both version such as free and payable. If you want anyone of the program just try before you can buy the free version works like premium. I know not many of you would like to Test different Antivirus softwares on their PC, but as already said that the performance of the Antivirus software depends on all of the above factors. Based on my List of Top 10 Free  Antivirus , I recommend you to do your own research on Internet and than Install the one which you think is best for you.