List of Top 5 Dropbox Alternative

When we hear about cloud storage , the first name that comes to our mind is  “Drop Box”  and why not , after all it is one of the biggest player  . But only the biggest player and not the only player . So if you are thinking to “ Drop ” the “ drop Box ” , then you are heading towards  right track to explore something much more you have never expected from your drop box .

If you still in a mess about the idea of dropping drop box then believe me you should do it as early as possible, because we have all the reasons for you for not having drop box. The biggest of all is the limited space for storage is available i.e only 2 GB of free storage available on a single account . Plus you can add some more space by sharing it with family and friends.

List of Top 5 Secure Dropbox Alternatives or Best Cloud Storage Services

Thank God , today we are available with lots and lots of cloud service provider who offers us large storage space as compared to Drop Box and that too absolutely free. Here we listed for you some of the best cloud storage provider which you must want to have it as an drop box alternative

List of Top 5 Secure Dropbox Alternatives or Best Cloud Storage Services

  • Google Drive :- Free Storage – 15 GB, Google Drive is the best alternative for drop box  where you an store all your documents and files online at free of cost. Google Drive offers you 15 GB free storage which is actually 7 times more then what you get with Drop Box, isn’t that great!!  In this 15 GB of free space offered by Google drive includes all Google services, like Gmail , Google+ or any other services offered by Google that you use.

Google Drive also offer desktop clients for Windows and Mac so that you can syncing your files from cloud storage. You can also do web editing by using a Google tools like Google Docs. Google Drive is also available as an app for Android and iOS devices so that you can access your file on the go.

  • OneDrive :- Free Storage – 15 GB, OneDrive is the One Stop for all your storage need and a terrific alternative for Drop Box.  OneDrive  is a Microsoft’s cloud storage which provides you free storage of 15 GB. On integration it with Office Online, you can create and edit Microsoft files easily and can share documents on any device . OneDrive is also available as app for iOS, OS X, Mac , Windows Phone and Android , which helps in managing and accessing of documents and files easy.


  • :- Free Storage – 10 GB,  is having edge over its competitor which provides it a spot amongst top cloud service provider. It provides you a 10 GB free storage space for signing up. is available for various platforms like Windows , iOS and Android making its access simpler and easier across multiple platform. Hence accessing of documents and file across different platform is like a cake walk.

Despite so many excellent features suffers from a major drawback. The set back is that , you can share file and documents only up to a size of 250 MB .

  • Sugar Sync  :- Free Storage – 5 GB, Sugar Sync is rank toped when it comes to security . It is one of the secured alternative  available for Dropbox. Sugar Sync lets you sync your documents , files and folders. The feature of file version makes it easier to create back up and view the specific folder and file on your PC.

It also enables you with the option of media streaming on your device. Sugar Sync offers you 5 GB free storage space and you can add 500 MB more storage friend for each referral.

  • Amazon Cloud Drive :– Free Storage :- 5 GB, Amazon Cloud Drive is Amazon’s very own cloud service . It offers us with a free storage space of 5 GB for sign up. It allows you to add photos and images from your phone or from desktop. Your all files are save d at the same  place from where you can access it easily anytime and best thing is that your images will be retain even after you delete it from your device. It creates an automatic backup of your file and folder so to provide it a safeguard from data loss.

Now we gonna wined  up on the topic alternative for dropbox. Hope you guyz must have liked it and must be happy to have more storage on cloud then earlier.

If  you have some more alternatives for dropbox, do comment, we love to hear from you and don’t forget to catch us for more interesting Posts.

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