List of Top 9 Dropbox Alternative

List of Top 9 Dropbox Alternative

A reliable DropBox alternative is a great option to turn to especially when you need to create backups and access your important information while away from your PC. Reason behind switching from Dropbox can be it has less free storage , It has been breached by attackers before and security experts maintain it can happen again etc.


List of Top 9 Dropbox Alternative

List of Dropbox Alternative

  • Sky Drive – Microsoft’s re-branding of its cloud storage service “SkyDrive” to “OneDrive” wasn’t just an attempt at catching consumers’ attention by renaming an older service. Instead, it’s an example of Microsoft conceding the “SkyDrive” trademark to another party.
  • Amazon Cloud Drive: Amazon has a huge amount of server space, so it seems a natural progression that it would offer cloud storage. It has earned high marks for its easy-to-use interface and reliability. Initial file-syncing limitations were addressed in an upgrade last year
  • Google Drive – The debutant Google Drive offers the same drag-and-drop synchronization capabilities as Dropbox on the desktop, with clients available for Windows and OS X, but its web portion is more robust than the latter.
  • Apple iCloud – Apple’s iCloud lacks many of the features available in cloud storage services like Dropbox or SkyDrive, but still stands to grab a good chunk of the market for a simple reason: its deep integration with iOS. In fact, almost 70% of the 350+ million iDevice users have access to iCloud.
  • CX: CX offers 10GB of storage for free, double what most of its competitors do. Its seamless user interface has earned high marks, but it doesn’t allow online editing of documents – a limitation for some users who prefer their storage services to include workspaces
  • Sugar Sync – This app similar to SkyDrive has the ability to sync data bits from just about any gadget. And apart from hoarding the lot, it lets you share large files with others who in turn, can either edit the same or simply just view them
  • Box: One of the most popular alternative file storage services, Box includes file-creation features – documents and spreadsheets – similar to G+ Drive. The free version comes with 5GB of storage, but the file management isn’t as smooth, particularly when using the service’s app.
  • A Drive – The developer of this cloud service calls you to centralize, manage and back up your precious files by exploiting all the features embedded here. You can also edit and share documents while accessing the web. Some of the other basic attributes include easy search tool, international character support, remote file transfer and a whopping 50GB free online file storage space.
  • SpiderOak: This is a file-sharing service that prioritizes security above all else. It features encrypted cloud storage, an encryption key for the user, and two-factor log-in authentication. So while some have said it may not be user-friendly enough for novice users, it should satisfy those who know what they’re doing and prioritize security in their cloud storage above all else

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