Mobile Hacking or Mobile spoofing

Last week i got a mail , where one of my reader are eager to know how he can hide his phone number or cell number if he call anybody, his number should not be displayed?. This thing give me idea to write a post about “Mobile Hacking or Mobile spoofing”

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Calling someone from your own number is normal but what if you could get your friends to call each other without actually calling each other? All this and more can be accomplished here 😉

Call Spoofing or mobile Hacking

1. Making Calls from same number to same number.

To achieve this, you need to go to VOXOXO’s website and then sign in. In your dashboard, check for call setting and then click on my ‘my phones’. Click on ‘Add New Numbers’. Enter the phone number which you want to make call from itself. For e.g. you want to make call from +919258881818 to itself, so entre the number , make sure to put “+91” in country code feild. And then click on save button

Now open VOXOXO’s Desktop Application. login with the same details. Check below in the status bar, you will find something saying ‘VOXOX’ or may be ‘Mobile’ in some cases. Click on it and then choose the number which you just entered on the website. Now locate the dial pad and enter the same number that you choose below. it should now also appear in the centre, click the ‘call’ button in the centre … et voila! your call has been made 😀

In my next post i will share about Make calls with any Caller ID to anyone and Connecting any two other phone numbers, literally hacking their phones.

Hope you enjoy our post … keep asking , keep commenting , keep Visiting !! 🙂