Mobile Hacking or Mobile spoofing

In my earlier post I discussed about how to Make Calls from same number to same number, Now I am going to cover the remaining part of Mobile spoofing or Mobile hacking. If you have not read my post then please read it beforehand so that this post might get useful for you.

Mobile Spoofing

Make calls with any Caller ID to anyone

After entering VOXOX’s website, look for “Call settings>Caller ID”. On the Caller ID page, you need to enter the fake caller ID as before.After that press save button and then open your VOXOX desktop client, check the bottom side here and there would be something  written  as VOXOX or mobile.

Click on that and choose the options, which would look some thing like “VOXOX (” make sure that you choose the first option only. Now you need to enter the phone number which you want to call and hit the call button.


 Connecting any two other phone numbers, literally hacking their phones

Imagine getting two friends to call each other , each believing that the other was the one who called .It would be hilarious.Just open your VOXOX’s  dashboard. Go to call setting> My phones and click on ADD new Number and add any of your friend’s number, lets say number X.

Now go to VOXOX’s desktop client and then look below for VOXOX or may be Mobile. click on it and then select the phone number of X which u have just enter on website. Now in the dial pad enter the number of your other friends and lets call it as Y.Now click call & wait for 2-3 seconds and then their phone will be connected.

So this was all about mobile hacking, spoofing and connecting two mobile devices, Hope you enjoyed the Article and learnt the most interesting tips and tricks of mobile hacking and spoofing