Multimedia growing technology of new Generation

The Newest Growing Technology of The New Generation is multimedia. The applications of multimedia are widespread. The combination of animation, still images, sound and video along with the use of computer technology is termed as Multimedia. To implement the application of multimedia software is required which is available on CD-ROMs. The software which is applied for formation of animation, graphics are Photomagic, CorelDraw, and Animation Pro.

Uses of Multimedia

  1. Develop business presentations
  2. Record and edit music on computer
  3. Connect audio to text or files
  4. Make 3D effect in a various manner
  5. It also creates the animated birthday card.

Multimedia Courses

The course of multimedia comprises bachelor (BA, and postgraduate (MSc) degree. The BSc in Multimedia is of 3 years having six semesters. The candidate who has passed 10+2 and is interested in building a career in multimedia is eligible for BSc (multimedia). The MSc in multimedia is of 2 years. The candidate who has passed graduation from any recognised university is available for the course of MSc (multimedia).
Top Multimedia Colleges in India
C-DAC – National Multimedia Resource Centre, Pune
Maya Academic of Advanced Cinematics, Mumbai
Zee Institute of Creative Art, Coimbatore.
Manipal University Bangalore Campus, Vijayanagar, Bangalore
Film and Television Institute of India, Pune
DQ School of Visual Arts
Toonz Animation Academy
DQ School of Visual Arts, Mumbai
Industrial Design Centre, Mumbai
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Multimedia Jobs
The student can have different career opportunities in the field of multimedia. These career opportunities are:
1. Web Designer/Developer
The professional who carry out the work of web designer.
2. Multimedia Designer
The creation of interactive content by applying video, audio, graphics, special effects is a job of Multimedia Designer.
3. Software developer/programmer
The creation of software is the job of a software developer.
4. Online Publishing
To publish the content on the web through the internet is termed as Online publishing.
Application of Multimedia
The applications of multimedia are:
1. Multimedia Presentation:
It is used in the field of education to present subject matter to the students in an interactive way.
2. Entertainment
Multimedia is used for entertainment by producing sound, pictures and video in an integrated form.
3. Software
Multimedia is used to make the software application.
4. Business Communication
Multimedia supports the ease of business communication.
5. Multimedia Web Pages:
The web pages become more attractive using multimedia.
Multimedia is a new advent of current generation which is finding its scope in all areas of education and entertainment. Its study makes the student a dynamic personality which enables him to have a command on his/her working field. The student gets value and standard of this course. If a student has full control of subject matter, then he will get the job at the right salary and can achieve the success in every respect.
Thus, multimedia is the latest field of education to develop a good career according to his/her expectations. multimedia is the future of this world.

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