Why you need Aloe Vera juice in your Natural Hair Routine

The Aloe Vera Juice

One of the features that make us stand out as humans is the human hair. Our hair needs to be taken care of if our plan as ladies is to remain beautiful and presentable, any day, any time. There are several ways, synthetic as well as natural methods used in taking care of our hair, but we will be focusing on the natural methods.

The use of Aloe Vera Juice in the treatment of the human hair is steadily rising in popularity. A lot of women across the world have begun to take note of the importance of using plant-based or natural methods to take care of the hair.

Aloe Vera Juice is obtained from the Aloe Vera plant. The plant is still under study as a lot of its medicinal properties have been helpful in the health sector. The Aloe Vera plant has a gel that occurs naturally which can be obtained by squeezing the leaf of the plant. On a commercial scale, the gel is added to crushed leaves to produce the Aloe Vera Juice extract. The composition of Aloe Vera is complex in nature and is primarily composed of loads of sugars.

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In the medical world, the pulp of the Aloe Vera plant has been medicinally helpful in the treatment of several ailments. The gel, as well as the juice obtained from the Aloe Vera plant, has also found its way in the cosmetic world; this is because of the presence of antibiotics, antioxidants as well as antifungal properties which are abundant in the Aloe Vera extract. The Aloe Vera juice works wonders on the hair of all types and assists in repairing damaged or dry hair.

Benefits of the Aloe Vera Juice

Using Aloe Vera Juice has several benefits some of which are outlined below:

  1. Nourishing Conditioner – Aloe Vera Juice brings about a refreshing and cooling sensation when applied to the scalp, thus helping to prevent dryness as well as dandruff. Aloe Vera Juice also assists in balancing the pH of your hair as well as enhances the sheen and the strength of your hair.
  2. Enhanced Moisturizer – The high water content in Aloe Vera Juice makes it highly suitable for the treatment of the human hair. In fact, a many specialists postulate that Aloe Vera Juice is all you need as a moisturizer as it also contains loads of vitamins (e.g. Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, and E) and minerals (e.g. Calcium, amino acids, folic acid, etc.) which are extremely beneficial to the maintenance of natural hair.

iii.    An Antioxidant – Because it is a natural supplement, Aloe Vera Juice is one of the best antioxidants found in nature. The bitter timbre of Aloe Vera Juice dries off toxins from your hair and skin. It also assists in relieving our scalps of buildup.

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  1. Hair Growth – Aloe Vera juice helps to promote the growth of hair as much as possible
  2. Shed Reduction – If you suffer from the abnormal shedding of hair, then consider adding Aloe Vera juice to your natural hair routine. Aloe Vera juice is effective in reducing the shedding of hair.
  3. Minimizes Redness of The Scalp – Aloe Vera juice helps in lessening the inflammation and redness of the scalp as well as heal dry, irritated or itchy scalps.

Finding Aloe Vera Juice

Just pay the supermarket in your locality a visit. You will usually find Aloe Vera juice sitting smugly on the shelves in the pharmaceutical or health food stores. You can decide to make your own, and the process is quite straightforward.

  • Snap off the outer leaves of the Aloe Vera plant; then slice down the middle of each leaf as slowly as possible.
  • Using a spoon, scrape the sap from the sliced leaves and mix with a small quantity of water.
  • Place the mixture in a blender and proceed to blend it.
  • Afterward, store the mixture in a container that is airtight and place the container in your refrigerator for about four to five days.

Take note: Although the Aloe Vera Juice helps to retain or absorb moisture, it could work adversely if too much of it is applied to the hair causing it to feel dry. To prevent this, ensure you make use of only a small quantity of Aloe Vera Juice at a time. Also take note that some people are allergic to Aloe Vera juice. You need to find out if you are in that category of people by performing a skin test before using the juice for the first time. Just place a dollop of Aloe Vera Juice on the inside of your arm and wait for twenty-four hours for any allergic reaction. This could come in the form of itching or turning your skin red.

Methods of using Aloe Vera Juice

  1. You can add a small amount of Aloe Vera juice to your shampoo anytime you want to shampoo your hair.
  2. Add Aloe Vera juice to Leave-in conditioner
  3. You can make use of Aloe Vera juice as part of your moisturizing regimen

There are a lot of ways or methods to use Aloe Vera juice, and if you continue to use it on a constant basis, you will enjoy the benefits thereof.

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