All You Need To Know About The Latest Ehang Ghostdrone

With the latest launch of quadcopter Ehang GhostDrone, you must be excited to know its reviews and specifications before giving it a thought to buy it.

Here’s a quick snapshot of this flying quadcopter’s about what to like and expect in this new line of quadcopters.

The Ehang Ghostdrone is an easy and sturdy quadcopter to fly in the sky. Even if you are an amateur and trying your hands on a flying quadcopter for the first time, you can easily do it. As you place it in the sky, the landing is all the more safe, quick, simple and easy. It comes with the facility to fly it with your phone. It is also significantly cheaper than other drones that are available with cameras.

Key Specifications of Ehang Ghostdrone:

Unique Features: This quadcopter can efficiently be controlled with your phone (iOS/Android devices). This facility makes sure that you don’t need to carry any bulky device along with the quadcopter as it is easily operated by your phone that’s always there with you.

You can easily fly the ghost drone by simply using the auto mode and tapping your finger on map to make the ghostdrone to fly there in that direction. As the take-off and landing are already programmed in the app, you also don’t have to fret about that. The app also lets you check the flying quadcopter’s battery status.

Virtual Reality Googles: The use of VR googles technology and facility is offered by very few drones and ghostdrone is among those drones which come up with this facility. With the ease of VR googles, you can even experience the bird’s eye view which makes the flying experience even more adventurous.

Flight Time and Battery: This classic drone is powered with a powerful 11V 5400mAh Li-Pо 3S that makes it easy to fly for about 25 minutes. This is usually a higher flight time than offered by similar flying quadcopters in the same range.

Camera: The ghostdrone is equipped with a spherical camera that lets you capture videos at a high resolution of 4k. As per choice, you can choose up to 60 frames per second at the rate of 2.7k and 120 frames per second at 108p, if you are looking to capture some high resolution videos.

Now let’s get on to the pros and cons of this quadcopter:

Pros of Ehang Ghostdrone:

  • Comes with the facility to be operated with phone
  • Smooth flight even in disturbed weather conditions (Windy)
  • Perfect drone for the ones who are beginner drone pilots
  • One of the easiest drone to fly
  • Offers great and long flight time
  • Awesome design and looks
  • Cons of Ehang Ghostrider:
    • The App is relatively difficult to use, especially for the first timers.
    • Not suitable for indoor flight. Always work with a GPS lock that operates only in outdoors
    • High Price Range
    • At times, it has a delayed response

    Summary of Ehang Ghostdrone:

    All in all, this drone can be a great flying quadcopteras a beginner drone. It offers some crisp and sharp videos and can also be used as a professional drone. The controlling system of this drone is also quite intuitive and it makes the take-off process all the more easier and in minutes the drone is flying in the sky. Therefore, it does not require any prior experience or skills in flying a drone. But, the price range can said to be a little higher as compared to the other drones that offer almost all the same features.

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