All-in-One Tool to Recover Office Documents, Media Files, and Emails

In a cleaning spree of my PC, I accidentally deleted a partition which had important office folders and photos of my family vacations. Now salvaging these important files was a task in hand as the files were now beyond my Recycle Bin.

I know, Windows has this life saving feature which technically do not delete data permanently unless it is overwritten but in my case the data was deleted permanently and a smart data recovery software is the solution to my problem. I started looking online for various available data recovery solutions and zeroed in on Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Home. The software promises complete office documents recovery, media files recovery, and emails recovery. Since my office folder was mix of spreadsheets, PDF files and PowerPoint presentations, I felt Stellar’s data recovery product would be a good pick.

Here’s my data recovery experience that I want to share with you. The Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Home performance is reviewed on below parameters:

  1. User Interface
  2. File type recovery – Office document, multimedia file, and emails
  3. Recovery from lost partitions & other storage devices
  4. Scanning efficiency
  5. Form in which data is recovered
  6. Recovery success rate
  7. Technical support
  8. Recovery time
  • User Interface

I ran the software on my Windows system and it finished the process in just 4 simple steps –

  • Select what to Recover

  • Select Location from where to Retrieve

  • Scan

  • Recover and save

I found the interface so intuitive that even a novice who is not a computer expert can do office documents recovery, photo recovery, or email recovery etc., easily. So Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Home surpasses other data recovery products in this arena, which is definitely very important for a user.

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  • File Type Recovery – Office Documents, Multimedia Files, and Emails

The software provides recovery of different types of data files whether MS office files, photos, videos, audios, spreadsheets, emails or archive files. I was able to seamlessly recover all types of files. In fact it supports recovery of over 300 file types, which is amazing.

  • Recovery from Lost Partitions & other Storage Devices

The Stellar software proved to be an efficient recovery tool for lost partition, as in my case. Just select “Can’t Find drive” option to recover data from lost or inaccessible partitions or drives.

The software also recovers from other storage media – including from external hard drive, SSD, USB flash drive, pen drive, SD cards, CDs/DVDs etc.

  • Scanning Efficiency

I liked the scanning part, which it does at two levels – Quick Scan and Deep Scan. Intricate Deep Scan is designed to recover data from formatted or corrupt storage. Although, when the software is unable to find your desired files in Quick Scan it automatically switches to Deep Scan, I opted for Deep Scan in the initial phase on Select Location screen, for thorough search of my files.

  • Form in which Data is Recovered

Getting back large number of files and folders in a disorganised way can make you crazy. But I was surprised to see all my lost data in the Filtered Tree option that made sorting the desired files easier. They are listed under – File Type, Tree View and Deleted List for smooth wading through the files. Also, a Preview option lets you view your files before you choose to save them.

So a thumbs up for this feature for making things easier!

  • Recovery Time

With Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery it took me little longer to recover lost partition via Deep Scan while Quick scan is a faster option. But then the recovery time depends upon the size of the hard disk or partition too.

Although, to shorten the recovery time the software guide recommends:

  • Turn off preview mode to enhance the scan speed
  • Choose the specific folder or file types you want to scan rather than performing complete drive scan

Recovery Rate

Now this makes the Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery a great performer compared to its competitors. I was able to recover my complete data, i.e., 100% data recovery rate – a prime requirement for all those who somehow lost their data.

Technical Support

Along with its robust features, Stellar offers an active technical support for the software. For any query or issue you can contact its customer support available 24/7 via mails, chat or call. As a user, I feel it is mandatory for any solution provider to assist and satisfy its customers who have bought its products.


Since I recovered my complete data, the software is definitely a first choice for me. Apart from partition deletion as in my case, it works efficiently under varied data loss situations occurring due to corrupt hard drive, virus attack, software issue, formatting, or system failure etc.

Finally, Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Home presents superior quality, great performance and user satisfaction. It makes the stressful data recovery task into seamless activity. I strongly recommend it for all types of Windows data recovery. An all-in-one tool, worth a buy!

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  1. My mother’s friend suggested me this software and i downloaded it on her recommendation. After downloading this software, i found it very easy to use; i followed recovery process systematically and got everything back so easily. Lucky to have this software.

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