3 Reasons Why Linux Server Is The Best Server Operating System

Before going in the deep and digging out the pros and cons of Linux server let’s begin with understanding what is a Linux server? Linux server is one step ahead to Linux open source operating system which is efficiently designed to cater the growing demands and needs of business applications like database management, network administration, system administration and other web services.

Linux severs are flooded with various advantages over any other basic server or operating systems like their level of security, stability and flexibility. Linux operating systems are way wide range and are exceptionally suitable for server setups. Linux are a perfect getaway from windows and offer the users a much reliable atmosphere. Linux server is way more different from a general Linux distribution. They offer excellent desktop environments and also support increased flexibility and enhanced level of permissions with a high stability ratio.

Servers are often considered to be computers with some special specifications. A server ensures great efficiency, better security and maximum up time. Likewise a Linux server operating system keeps in first place the resource consumption and safety and offers the client the required content.

According to a survey, at present there are almost 28 percent of Linux based servers which favor longer support and stability to the clients. There are various Linux operating servers like- Ubuntu, openSUSE, Oracle Linux, Container Linux, CentOS, Arch Linux, Mageia, Clear OS, Slackware, Gentoo, Fedora, Debian etc.

Let’s now discuss the reasons why Linux server is one of the most common platforms to be used by the people:
1. Being able to provide a vast range of valuable tools based on one click installation or easy installation, Linux is one of the easiest and supportive platforms for beginners or novices. It offers a great flexibility to the users by enabling them to switch between servers. Users can easily switch to windows from Linux anytime they want.

2. It is an open source platforms which offers an active support of many free open source applications. There are countless add-ons available to be connected to the Linux server and there are thousands of such applications which are free from any kind of licensing fees allowing the Linux server to be one of the most economical options for the beginners. Being an open source platform or windows server, Linux involves the contribution of users into its development. Coming across any critical issue in Linux, the users will find a supportive team to resolve their issues with a sure shot solution.

3. Linux shared hosting is very compatible enough owing to the worldwide developers who keep on experimenting with the hosting to build a powerful and most flexible platform with most advanced technologies.

In addition to these features, Linux servers are portable enough to be able to work on different platforms or hardware and are also multi-user systems. Multiple users can access various applications, Ram or memory at the same time without affecting the reliability and safety of the server. Linux is fast, flexible, free and full of amazing features making it one of the most used servers around the world.

The power and virtual healing of music

Music plays a vital role in our lives; it soothes our senses regardless of whether you are in the rural areas where birds chirp sweet melodies or in the urban areas where the human sounds predominate. Music has a reliable power evidenced by how mothers lullaby pacifies crying babies to sleep. The kind of music we listen to can change our efficiency, moods, and feelings

Life can be dull without music to the extent that even the movies seem cannot be influential enough to lighten up the audience. There is always a similar musical expression that is meant to move the sentiments and human feelings in every movie whether it is adventure, horror, fantasy, comedy or even action.

Our memories are brought back by the yesteryears music which can bring nostalgia tailing effect and reminiscence in our moods about the past. The harmonic vibrations and harmonious rhythms mesmerize our mind, body, and spirit. This feeling is what helps us to perk up if we are stressed or relax our bodies from stress.

Although some music types are noisy, discordant, cynical and filled with fear that can damage us spiritually and emotionally, it is crucial to keep in mind that the positive music brings healing. There are numerous valuable health benefits like strengthening our bodies immunity and increasing the body’s ability to prevent diseases/. Music is super useful to those suffering from hypertension and studies shows that sometimes it works better than the drugs!

What is music therapy?

Music therapists usually are the accomplished musicians who have a deep understanding of how music can heal by evoking emotional responses. These therapists can teach you how the instruments are played or just play it with you. Studies show that music therapy brings positives outcomes in some ways. Below are some examples


  1. Reduces discomfort and anxiety during procedures

In the controlled clinics with patients having cardiac angiography, colonoscopies or knee surgery, listening music just before the operation begins minimizes the need for sedatives. Comfort is also increased by listening to music during the procedures. It’s also crucial to the recovery because it reduces the opioid medication meant for pain relief.

  1. Reduces cancer therapy side effects

Cancer is one of the most disturbing diseases in the world. However, music helps in quelling vomiting and nausea for the chemotherapy patients. It also minimizes the anxiety associated with radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

  1. Restore of lost speech

Music therapy assists traumatic brain injury or the stroke patients to recover quickly. Since the ability to sing comes from the brains right side, doctors can work on that side then have the patient practice singing their thoughts then eventually drop the melody. Gabby Gifford’s former representative in U.S applied this technique before she testified before a congressional committee 24months after her vocal ability was destroyed by a gun brain would.

  1. Improves life quality for dementia patients

Music therapy evokes memories, aids in communication, physical coordination and reduces agitation. Does music affect physical rehabilitation? Yes, it creates more fun and makes the pain less bearable when music rhythms are played alongside the therapy exercises. The rhythms help you to stay glued to your routines. In a study conducted in 2011, music therapy enhances the peoples cognitive, physiological, physical and emotional functioning throughout the rehabilitation programs.


  1. Relieves pain and boosts blood vessels functioning

Music has a significant reduction of pain intensity especially in the cases of intensive care, geriatric care or palliative medicine.

Scientists have proved that the emotions triggered by patients while listening music helps in maintaining healthy blood vessels. This is because they feel happier and therefore the blood flows in the vessels increase.

  1. Improves the verbal intelligence

Studies show that almost 90% of the children aged between 4 to 6 years increase their oral information by only taking one month of music lessons. During that period they learn about pitch, rhythm, voice, and melody. The results indicate that the music training transfers effect on the children ability to comprehend more words. It enlarges their minds to be able to capture more ideas and make them have a quick understanding

 Can music relieve you from stress?

Yes, it has a propounding effect both on the body and the emotions. Fast beat music keeps you alert and increases your concentration. On the other side, a slower tempo quiets your mind and makes you better soothed. It can make you more optimistic and confident to face life. The right music type diverts your mind from the ordinary concerns and problems. This relaxation response slows down respiration and blood pressure.

Research shows these individual music experiences. Research shows that only 60 beats per minute of music are able to synchronize the brain and cause alpha brainwaves with 8-14 hertz per second. This brainwave brings relaxation and consciousness.  5 HERTZ brainwave is needed to induce sleep while keeping the body in a relaxed position.

So what music type reduces stress efficiently?

The Native American, Indian stringed instruments, Celtic, flutes, and drums are the best in relaxing our minds, especially when played in moderate sounds. Thunder and rain sounds can also be relaxing when mixed with other music types like the light jazz, classical (“largo” movement). Since it’s hard to know the music beats per second, how can you choose the best fit relaxing music? This rests on you partly. You must first love the music so that it can relax your soul. Listening to the hard music by force can merely irritate you more and increase the tension.

Music is nonintrusive hence it can listen while still performing other tasks like driving. It eases the anger and tension initiated by the unruly motorists and traffic snarls. You should learn to listen to music in any place you are in to express your talent and feelings, neutralize any frustrations and vent pent your emotions up. Singing fills your lungs with revitalizing fresh air and surge your body with new energy. More fun is created by singing alongside the musical instruments; it improves creativity and reduces shyness to ooze your personality with self-confidence.
Article by  azpianonews.blogspot.com/.

Why hire 1 Digital Agency?

The digital marketing world is constantly growing and improving. It is almost too difficult for an individual with less expertise in the digital world to keep up. New trends keep emerging and the way marketers advertise a brand changes very fast. This almost forces every business owner to step outside of their comfort zone, and deal with new things and learn how to implement features that were recently developed, and even keep up with the competition. This is not as easy as one might think.

Business owners are faced with challenging tasks and might sometimes not know how to solve them. It can start by dealing with certain platforms up to trying to rank your website to the top of search engines. This takes a lot of effort. Especially with new things evolving quickly, it can be hard to keep the business running while keeping up with marketing efforts. If you are constantly trying to market your brand across cross platform devices and channels, to running customer segmentation based messaging campaigns, and other digital marketing trends that are defining the future of marketing, 1 Digital Agency might ease up all the work for you.

We are specialised with most of the tools that are being used in order to market your business. We will be your helping hand in bringing your business a step further, meet demands and deadlines for your digital marketing to do list. A good Digital Marketing Agency follows all latest marketing and development trends across the globe on a regular basis. And this not only our job, but also our passion. This is what we do all day, every day. While you just pay attention and focus on your own brand and business, we focus on marketing your brand the way you want it by using the appropriate techniques. We spread the message, you want to give out across your company’s industry. This is will be very beneficial for your business, whilst without an agency your team might be drowning in marketing efforts.

We will improve your brand image by bringing results and succeed in generating positive PR about your business. It is very hard to take on all marketing activities and trying to be updated at all times on what is going on in the world. You might know your business best, but sometimes you might even forget important things, or oversee opportunities for your brand or company. Our efforts will be better utilized by focusing on core business operations. You will have the chance to get some fresh ideas and valuable external perspectives, which can give invaluable insights into the latest trends in the marketplace. Here at 1 Digital Agency, we can help you to limit risks, and reduce human resource efforts, and purchase results by an accountable agency. You’ll be able to rely on a team of qualified digital marketing experts who will know how to strategically manage your business’ marketing to ensure growth and liquidity.

Author is a freelance writer and having successful experience in writing about Internet Marketing Services. Currently he is writing about how to choose Shopify + Partner. and Bigcommerce Web Designers.

Advantages of Personality Testing

Personality and aptitude test offer with numerous benefits. Employers need to take benefit of these tests the moment they are planning to recruit their employees or during the development stage.

You may also find that the process of categorization and testing may vary from one test to another, but each one is designed to cater your needs.

Benefits of these tests

There certainly are numerous benefits of these tests. Some of the most common benefits may include:-

  • Costs – As the test are conducted from your home so it helps in saving a lot of money for you and your employer. You just have to incur the administration cost which is not very high.
  • Benefit factors over tradition system – In general, this test offers benefits as compared to making use of traditional interview session. Your selection can be most precise when using this testing method.
  • Online access – This is one of the most important factors as most people have access to the internet and so these tests can appear from any remote location. You also have the convenience of appearing for the test on multiple devices.
  • Saves right hiring practices – As the test offers with very fair results so employers or hiring committees may not be able to hire the wrong candidate.

Importance of testing

When speaking of online quantitative aptitude test, it offers numerous benefits.

Selects right candidate for right job position

The test is an ideal choice for selecting candidates on the basis of their characters or personality. The fact is that employers can make use of these tests to help determine the right place or position you fit into at the workplace.

It will also help in determining the type of people with whom you can work efficiently. It will also be able to determine what level of job satisfaction you can offer them with. So, it exactly determines if you are well suitable to meet daily targets and achievements or not.

Group interaction

This is the second area where the test can prove helpful. It will also help in getting familiar with the personality of people who surround you. This type of test is presently also been used by sports team members. This helps them collect more information about their teammates.

The test is designed to help get familiar with your innate preferences. So your team members can make use of it to help motivate your performance. In case the team has not been performing well in the past than using this testing technique you can always motivate them to perform much better.


One of the main benefits of undergoing this test is that you get to be familiar with your characteristics. It will prove helpful in the workplace if you get more familiar with your characteristics and nature. This will offer you with convenience where you can actually overcome your negative character or nature to perform better at the job. So the test will help you perform much better in the areas you are good at. It also reflects the way you may behave with other people around you.

Easy Ways To Keep Your Skin And Hair Good

Having a makeover means keeping your skin and hair healthy so that they do not create problems and look fussy or untidy.

Here are some easy makeover tips for ladies in Hindi which you can follow.

  • If you have oily skins then try to wash your face at least twice a day. When you wake up in the morning, this is the first thing that you should do and then again when you are going to bed at the end of the day. But do not wash your face too often as it can steal your natural moisturiser of the skin.
  • One can use some homemade face pack at home to keep their skin good and glowing. There is a very common face pack which can be made from curd and besan. To make this pack, one needs Besan which is also called the chickpea flour and curd. One can take 2 spoons full of besan and take sufficient amount of curd to make a paste. Then apply the paste on the face and let it dry. Once it is dried, one can moisten it a bit with some water by doing some gentle and circular movements. Rub the face well but softly and then rinse it thoroughly with normal water.
  • Lemon juice has some acidic properties and it can act as natural bleach for your skin. You have to extract fresh juices out of as lemon and then use it on your face. Then you have to rub the peels of lemon on the face for at least 5 minutes. Then wash it off with lukewarm water.
  • The less make up items you apply on your face, the longer it stays intact. Over doing it can spoil everything. Avoid your make up to become greasy and clingy. To get a perfect even skin one has to use a base foundation stick. Apply it on your cheekbones, sides of your nose and brows and then use your fingers to blend it perfectly all over your face. If the base is not right, the entire makeup falls apart. Apply foundation which matches your skin tone. Go for a tinted BB cream if you do not have a liquid foundation. Use a compact powder if you have oily skin and dab it more on your jaw bone. Blend the foundation well, when you are applying it at the edge if your face.
  • Be it a curly or a straight or a wavy hair, the first thing you need is thorough cleaning of your hair. Using a shampoo to wash your hair every alternate day is a good idea but do not forget to use conditioner after shampooing your hair. It is a good idea o use shampoo and conditioner which belong to same brand. If you do not know, which shampoo to use, then go to a hair expert for help. Choose sulphate free shampoos as they are less harsh to your hair.

You can also get some makeover tips in Hindi from beauty magazines.

“Stay in the Riflescope” to Shoot Better

The Secret to Training Faster, Cheaper, Easier

The ideal approach to start preparing to remain in the riflescope is to settle in your mind that you will make one shot with the cherished purpose of keeping the trigger squeezed completely to the back AND keeping your eyes open, seeing the objective through the shot. This implies, obviously, you’ll need to keep your head on the stock. To make this less demanding, do it with an empty rifle. Dry shooting won’t hurt centerfire jolt activity rifles (twofold check with the producer or a gunsmith in the event that you have questions.) It will make taking in a great deal speedier, inexpensive and less demanding than live fire exercises.

Follow These “Stay in the Riflescope” Training Steps

Along these lines, bolt-on target, trigger a shot and focus on keeping the reticle on target and the trigger depressed completely back. Give it a couple of moments for the “feel” to sink in. At that point, keeping the object in view, lift the jolt and cycle it as though you were shooting home a crisp round. This activity will cock the terminating pin for your next dry fire. Rehash, rehash and rehash until the point that this arrangement of activities progresses toward becoming as programmed as scratching your irritated chin. It isn’t a noteworthy obstacle to precision, yet flicking your finger forward after each shot adds to what I call “wince light.” You intuitively envision the recoil and minutely twitch the shot. Preparing to pull back and keep that trigger back combats this booger flicking inclination.

When you’re reliably dry terminating (from all attempts) and cycling rounds while keeping the object in view, graduate to live fire. This is best finished with a mild recoiling back rifle. A 22 rimfire is impeccable, yet something in the 223 Rem. to 243 Win. the class can work. Simply don’t present noteworthy backlash, which can throw all your get terminating preparing the dry course. Wear ear security, in any case, the rifle. Envisioning a sharp report adds to wincing, as well.

The Final Test to “Stay in The Riflescope

Your last change is to your defining moment rifle. By focusing on every one of the moves you’ve learned, you won’t just “stay in the extension, however, you are considerably less prone to wince from the expected force. With a legitimately fitted rifle and not too bad force cushion, pull back doesn’t generally sting. People may figure it does, yet the way that different people, including little-confined men and ladies, routinely and precisely shoot 338 magnums, 375 magnums and even 45 magnums demonstrate that agonizing backlash is more mental than physical. To accomplish the empowerment of staying in scopes, you might reckon rifle scope brands list easily accessible to you.

Final Verdict

In this way, focus on all you gained from your dry fire and low backlash preparing. Dry shoot the huge rifle a couple of times. At that point go to live fire and keep up focus on the sight picture. Endeavor to see the objective get hit. A cool method to do this is by focusing on two-gallon drain containers loaded with water, one next to the other. Attempt to see one detonate in a shower before getting back onto the second one. With enough preparing, you should achieve the point where you can pop four or five containers in succession — and rather rapidly! Congratulations! You have prepared yourself to remain in the riflescope and be a powerful sharpshooter.

What College Sophomores Need to Understand at the Right Time?

Being sophomores, it is advised for the students to start planning for their future, rather than leaving for future to decide the future for them. Top colleges and universities are known to provide resources to their students to help in this regard.

Being an educational professional myself, here are some critical things that college and university students need to understand and take as suggestions, ideally for sophomores who are around 19 and on the verge to graduate.

  • The sophomore year is the period in which the students need to plan their future—employment, higher studies, or both.

Students will be required to ponder over their future, including essentials such as to decide which degree major, summer voluntary or internship opportunities, community work programs, or any other kind of relevant extra-curricular activities they ought to choose before graduating. Further, you have also got to prepare yourself for the graduate school, medical, engineering, law, etc., and inquire the requirements for the masters, doctorate etc. level programs. For instance, there are many business schools that require the master’s applicant to show some experience of service contributed in the industry.

Several experts state that it’s not only about taking the right classes, internships, etc., but the students should also consult professional advisors or the school’s career counseling department to acquire valuable and life-changing suggestions.

  • Consider career choices and degree majors not only from job and income’s point of view but also from career satisfaction perspective.

We all are tempted by lucrative salary prospects and trendiest career options in the global industry, but most students fail to realize that job and personal satisfaction is the ultimate thing that gives our life a genuine meaning. Also note that options in degree programs do not necessarily decide your future opportunities and that colleges and universities select candidates with a defined range of skills, competencies, and backgrounds. In some cases, the selection criteria can also go a bit unorthodox in order to not only find the right fit but an exceptional talent.

It is obvious that postgraduate schools prefer candidates that come with double or triple majors in their arsenal and display a broader perspective on education. For example, medical colleges allow the students to major in anything as long as they enroll themselves in core science courses.

  • If you are enrolled in an inappropriate program, consider switching rather than exhausting yourself with more time and energy investment.

Do remember that such changes tend to become increasingly difficult with time, especially after the sophomore year.

  • Consult an advisor and attend meetings with the professional on regular basis.

You might be communicating with your education or career advisor through emails, phone calls, etc., but that is not enough. Besides that, it is better to choose an advisor who has been your teacher, the advisor will know you even better than a professional advisor hired externally.

Many education experts advise that students should consider a faculty member as their academic mentor. The educator may not be a professional advisor, but he or she will most likely share the same academic field and area of interest as yours and knows how to tap the student’s intellect and critical thinking.

  • If you have interest in more than one field, encourage yourself to opt double or even triple majors.

The drill is simple, the more majors you pursue, the more diverse nature of skillset and expertise you are to develop. Hence, helping you to capture better and a wide range of opportunities in the industry.

  • Try to squeeze at least one course in each semester in your major, the one that is out of your degree program and has the potential to expand your interest considerably.

The most common examples include a certification in creative writing, presentation skills, group-based interactivities, photography, etc. Do see that such courses not only comprehend well in your degree program but will also come to use in your personal life. For instance, being an English teacher and opting a course in financial management will help you raise a startup coaching center in the future.

  • Try to get closer to your teachers, with the aim to acquire healthy references and build yourself through interesting companies.

Consider a teacher asking you to attend the college dinner. Never miss the opportunity as these are the rare instances where students are given the chance to talk to their teachers outside the classroom walls and know them better. A couple of hours gathering over a dinner or farewell party will provide you valuable suggestions and insights for your career and future plans.

  • Your advisor is obviously more knowledgeable than you, but inquire the relevant details yourself too.

You need to understand and acknowledge all the requirements for your degree major and graduation. Agreeably, your advisor may be well-versed in most of them, but not in all the requirements, hence it falls down to your responsibility to come to terms for your own good.

  • Try to enroll in courses taught by the best teachers, even if the educators have the reputation of being the most demanding and strict in terms of grading.

It is tempting to avoid courses that might compromise your GPA, however, the reality should be otherwise. Instead, intelligent students should be smart enough to stand up to the challenge and take it as an opportunity for their intellectual growth. If you are opting for classes other than your core discipline and expertise, there are a number of colleges that allow the students to pursue such courses without any specific grading obligations. It has been researched that students that consider pursuing courses apart from their original field tend to groom better as compared to students who are rather content with their majors only.

What students should understand is that in the quest to protect their GPA, they might be containing their chances for growth and reaching their full potential, which can eventually alter their critical and independent thinking ability.

  • Stay fit, a key tip for college sophomores to gear up.

Now it might not seem much, but college sophomores need to stay both mentally and physically fit before graduating and entering their practical lives. One might argue that a student is on the verge of getting done with the studies, no more books, and sleep deprived study sessions, so why stay fit and sharp?

It is a fact that career growth and jobs do take a toll on even the brightest in the class. It’s not about the effort you invested in writing a monstrous dissertation or scoring an A+ grade in a nightmarish Calculus course, but the initial time in a whole new world of the workplace, orientation, colleagues, management, project handling, and other job concerns is simply quite overwhelming for many fresh graduates.

Besides the common advice of hitting the gym on regular basis to keep yourself in top shape, it is also suggested to keep a small, yet quality friends circle. And also to avoid indulging in activity that may lead you to alcoholism, drugs, violence, or other mishaps capable of destroying our entire lives. Spend time with quality and mature students who value wisdom attained through learning.


Author Bio

Lara Hawkins is a professional corporate trainer having conducted numerous sessions on career development, and primarily targets fresh graduates in their quest to enter the industry. Besides her regular job, Lara is also an experienced assignment writing service provider with a large student base registered under her belt.

The best travel compact cameras in 2017

These pocket-sized travel trending cameras will give you a chance to shoot nearly anything. When you are taking some time off you are going to normally need to take a camera alongside you as well, and the one in your cell phone won’t cut. Why? While it may be fine for previews, the settled wide-point and focal point on most cell phones won’t enable you to zoom into your subject.

Indeed zooming is the key, since you won’t recognize what you need to shoot until the point that you arrive and regularly the things you need to photo will be off out there. This is the reason the ‘travel camera’ classification is so important. These are compact cameras just bigger than a customary, with shocking 20x or 30x zoom focal points. You get the convenience of a normal camera, yet with considerably more degree for shooting various types of subjects. In case you will be by the pool or on the shoreline, you may need something tougher, so investigate our best waterproof camera control.

In light of the fact that here’s the rundown of the best minimized travel cameras you can purchase at the present time.

Panasonic Lumix ZS100/TZ100

The most significant change that the ZS100/TZ100 brings is the move from a 1/2.3-inch sensor like the unit found in the ZS60/TZ80, to a bigger 1-inch compose gadget with 20.1 million compelling pixels. One inch sensors have turned out to be exceptionally well known in the previous couple of years, first with Sony’s RX100 territory, and all the more recently, with Canon’s most recent G arrangement compact cameras. The slight drawback however is the zoom run focal point is not exactly so broad, yet despite everything you get an electronic viewfinder that makes it less demanding to form pictures in splendid bright conditions. Not just that, there’s the expansion to 4K video recording and Panasonic’s 4K Photo mode to help catch 8MP pictures of temporary minutes. Everything indicates be an intense, if expensive choice.


  • 0-inch CMOS sensor, 20.1MP
  • 25-250mm f/2.8-5.9 zoom focal point
  • 4K video catch


Panasonic Lumix ZS50/TZ70

Outstanding amongst other travel zoom cameras out there. Panasonic for all intents and purposes developed the movement camera and this is its best yet. It was Panasonic which started the pattern for making minimal cameras that are particularly intended for explorers and those taking off on vacation, and the ZS arrangement (known as the TZ arrangement outside the US), is as a standout amongst the most respected of the class.


  • Sensor: 1/2.3-inch, 12.1MP
  • Lens: 24-720mm, f/3.3-6.4
  • Monitor: 3.0-inch, 1,040K spots
  • Viewfinder: EVF
  • Continuous shooting: 10fps
  • Movies: 1080p
  • User level: Beginner/moderate.

Sony Cyber-shot HX90V

The HX90V matches the ZS50’s zoom range and adds GPS to insert area information. It is best because of its smaller, top notch outline and super-flexible focal point.


  • Sensor: 1/2.3-inch, 18.2MP
  • Lens: 24-720mm, f/3.5-6.4
  • Monitor: 3.0-inch, 921K specks
  • Viewfinder: EVF
  • Continuous shooting: 10fps
  • Movies: 1080p
  • User level: Beginner/halfway.


Panasonic Lumix ZS70/TZ90

Panasonic’s most recent travel smaller is great, yet somewhat expensive. Photographs can be made on another tilting 3″ touch screen show or a 0.2″, 1.16M-dab equal electronic viewfinder. Support for Wi-Fi is additionally included.


  • Sensor: 1/2.3-inch, 20.3MP
  • Lens: 24-720mm, f/3.3-6.4
  • Monitor: 3.0-inch tilt-point touch screen, 1,040K dabs
  • Viewfinder: EVF
  • Continuous shooting: 10fps
  • Movies: 4K
  • User level: Beginner/moderate.


Canon Power Shot SX730 HS

Immense zoom in a thin shell. Catch subjects close, far and in the middle of with the Power Shot SX730 HS computerized camera’s capable 40x Optical Zoom. Take shots of epic minutes with Zoom Framing Assist when utilizing longer central lengths, such as catching your companion surfing waves out there. There’s even a programmed highlight to pick the best creation for your subject. We should not disregard those immensely important selfies; as well the new 180° tilt-type screen can confront the distance forward to place you in the focal point of the casing.


  • Sensor: 1/2.3-inch, 20.3MP
  • Lens: 24-960mm, f/3.3-6.9
  • Monitor: 3.0-inch tilt-point screen, 922,000K spots
  • Viewfinder: No
  • Continuous shooting: 5.9fps
  • Movies: 1080p
  • User level: Beginner/middle of the road.

Canon Power Shot SX710 HS

The SX710 HS can take your motion pictures and stills and transform your movements into story. Early introductions of the Canon Power Shot SX710 HS are not excessively motivating, despite the fact that it does in any event have a metal packaging and feels strong and well made. An articulated rubber treated edge on the front and the raised shooting mode dial at the back make the camera shockingly simple to hold for what is generally a thin camera that will slip effectively into a pocket or little purse.


  • Sensor: 1/2.3-inch, 16MP
  • Lens: 25-600mm, f/3.2-6.9
  • Monitor: 3-inch, 460K specks
  • Viewfinder: No
  • Continuous shooting: 11.5fps
  • Movies: 1080p

User level: Beginner/halfway.

3 Type of Outdoor Furniture to Look for in a Furniture Store

Outdoor Furniture

If you have enough space to set up an outdoor sitting arrangement in your terrace or balcony then you can definitely enjoy your leisure time at home with near and dear ones or spend some quality ‘me time’. Most of us spend the entire day indoors in our office sitting in front of the desktop or laptop. This neither give exposure to the outdoor environment nor has any relaxation effects on our mind, body & soul. Today, most people seek relaxation in indoor parties. Hence, nightclubs, lounge bars or restaurants and cafes are constantly growing in number. But, not many have experienced the charm of outdoor parties at home or at a club with near and dear ones. Considering the increasing stress in our lives, it is always beneficial to take a break from the monotonous lifestyle spend quality time outdoors. And, what could be better than having an outdoor sitting arrangement in your own home.

In recent times, there has been an abundance of flat or apartment stays in Kolkata. Most apartments hardly have a spacious balcony. In such cases, creating an outdoor sitting arrangement becomes a challenging task though not an impossible one. While some have space crunch others do have a lavish open courtyard or a terrace or balcony to design and decorate the area. While opting for an outdoor lounge area in your home, it is extremely important to opt for a careful planning.  Here’s a list of 5 types of outdoor furniture that you can look for in a furniture store near you in Kolkata to deck up your personal area.

  • Wooden dining Table: Complete wooden furniture is a great way to pep up the outdoor décor of your home. Antique yet trendy, wooden dining set up is a must-have to host those exciting outdoor parties with friends and family. You can check out various designs and styles at a furniture dealer’s store near you.
  • Centre Table & Mattresses: Sitting arrangement on the floor is not just relaxing, comfortable but is trending as well.  All you need is relaxing mattresses and a designer centre table. Check out innovative designs and get the price quotation at a furniture store in Kolkata.
  • Metal or Plastic: In case you’re concerned about the rains damaging your furniture, try metal or plastic ones. These are durable and stylish.

Thus, design your dream outdoor setup and enjoy quality time at home. There are various furniture stores in Kolkata offering a wide range of residential as well as commercial furniture at reasonable rates.  A reliable furniture shop in Kolkata offers amazing designs and superior quality products at affordable rates.

How to Choose the Good Gaming Headphones?

When buying a gaming headset, it is essential to consider several important factors to ensure you get the right pair of headset for improved gaming experience. We have discussed some of the typical characteristics to look for while selecting good gaming headphones for PC, Mac or PS4.


It is the most important aspect of any activity and gaming is one out of them. While you play your favourite game on the PlayStation, the first thing you desire is comfort throughout the long gaming session. Isn’t it true? Depending on your taste and basic requirements, look for a pair of headset that stands up to your needs and required comfort level. One of the peculiar characteristic representing comfort is the ear cups – select if you want lightweight ear buds (L), comfortable fit ear buds (L), or high comfort ear buds (XXL) for the game.


Next is the quality of microphone in a good gaming headset. If you are a regular enthusiastic gamer and wish to contact other players during a game, you need a built-in microphone in your gaming headphones. Go with the microphone having noise cancellation feature which allows smooth communication with fellow players offering crystal clear clarity.

Open or closed headset?

If you want to keep your ears safe from the high sound and remain in what’s happening in the surrounding (hear the surrounding), better go with an open gaming headset.

If your sole priority remains gaming and a fantastic undisturbed experience away from the outside world, closed headsets is your ideal selection. Go for the xbox one surround sound headset in the market at an affordable range and boost your game.


Yet another important factor to consider, while choosing a good gaming headset. Of course you want your gaming headset to last longer for the money and interest you have put into it. To ensure you get long-lasting headphones with all the necessary features, choose a gaming headset designed using latest technology and engineering skills.

Sound Quality

When deciding on a gaming headset, ‘amazing sound quality’ is something that goes without saying or what we call it “a prerequisite”. You should ensure the headset you choose balances the interactive in-game sound with the outside surround sounds, especially in case of home gaming. Special and clear sound effects such as gunfire, footsteps and scene indicators make the game interesting and more fun, taking it to the next best level. As such, it is suggested to go for the wireless headphones compatible with ps4 or stereo game sound based on the type of gaming you are into.

When you keep these factors in mind while buying a gaming headset, you give yourself a chance to pick the best gaming headsets, boosting your overall interest and experience of gaming.