8 Ways to Increase Parent-Teacher Engagement

One of the essentials in improving children’s learning experience at school is the ability of a parent to communicate with the teachers. According to studies, increased communication between parents and teachers can greatly improve various factors, such as: motivation for learning, attendance, and even behavior.

Largely, it falls on the educational institution to find ways to increase parent-teacher engagement. More specifically, schools have to focus on making it easier for parents to keep communicating with the teachers. This requires a strategy that revolves around three key objectives:

  1. Removing factors that discourage parent engagement.
    2. Encouraging parents to take initiative.
    3. Providing information to the parents on a regular and consistent basis.

There are plenty of ways to keep and improve parent-school communication, some of which are personal, while others use the latest technology. The following are just a few examples of what an educational institution can do to ensure that all three key objectives are met.

Make Parent Participation Easier

There are many cases wherein parents who are unable to participate in certain school matters end up feeling too embarrassed to show up in parent-teacher meetings.

For example, being unable to donate, volunteer, or purchase yearbooks can make some parents feel like they don’t have much of a say in how teachers (or the school in general) should work. By setting up easy-to-access payment portals and an online store, it’s easier for parents to feel like they are doing their part in helping the school improve the children’s learning experience.

Encourage Parent Participation Through Incentives

Simply asking for regular attendance during parent-teacher meetings can make attendance look like a chore, which can make certain parents feel even less engaged. Instead of trying to force parents into participating, the school can have programs that make participation a rewarding experience. A good example would be implementing a program that recognizes parents who made the greatest contribution during a given month.

Bringing Part of the Learning Experience to the Family

The easiest way for parents to be aware of their children’s education is to know more about what happens in the classroom. By using an advanced content management system like Edlio to improve a school’s website, it’s possible to bring part of the learning experience to the students’ homes. Parents can be regularly updated about homework or activities. Teachers can also include their own input on classroom activities, possibly leaving notes or suggestions to the parents that can help the students perform better during these activities.

Actively Ask for Feedback

Sometimes, parent-teacher engagement is just a matter of giving the parents the opportunity to reach out to the school. There’s no need to limit parent participation to scheduled personal meetings. The school can easily solicit feedback from parents using different channels of communication. An online survey via social media or the school’s official website is perfect for asking for quick feedback.

Provide Feedback to Parents

Providing meaningful feedback to the parents is just as important as asking for feedback from them. By providing feedback, the school lets the parents know that the effort they put into working with the teachers is appreciated. The best way to show this is by sending a personalized thank-you message via email. Providing feedback can also help nudge less enthusiastic parents in the right direction, especially if the school highlights how important parent-teacher engagement is to the student’s experience.

Put More Effort in Accommodating Parents

Another big reason why certain parents are not as engaged as they should be is the fact that they are usually unable to participate even if they want to. It can be because of a hectic schedule, lack of transportation, or even a health issue that’s keeping them from meeting their children’s teachers. If the school wants better parent-teacher engagement from those people, some changes have to be made. Consider setting meetings in more accessible venues, providing transport, and even holding online meetings using popular messaging apps to accommodate as many parents as possible.

Reduce Class Sizes

The size of a class can have a huge effect on teacher-parent engagement. A teacher in a large class will have trouble just finding enough time to talk to every student’s parents on meeting day. On the other hand, since there are fewer students to manage, a teacher in a smaller class can spend more time talking to the parents. More talk time with the parents means more opportunities to talk about their children and how they can help the children given their specific circumstances.

Provide Out-of-School Support

Parent-teacher engagement doesn’t have to stop at school. By holding special training sessions for parents on how to help their children learn at home, schools can show parents that they genuinely care about the future of their students. This makes parents more likely to cooperate in future parent-teacher efforts. Schools can also provide weekly reports via email to help parents closely monitor how well their children are doing in class. This is a good alternative to waiting for each semester to end for the final grades to show up on report cards.

Enhancing a school’s learning environment is a joint effort between the school itself and the students’ parents. Teacher-parent engagement is vital to making sure that both sides are on the same page and that the students are in an ideal learning environment where they can hone their talents and reach their full potential.


Know the Strategies of Paying Media Buyers to Obtain the Maximum Profit

What are the strategies do you make while doing your business online, ever give an hour to your thoughts that what else could be the best things which you can do to make your work faster, cheaper and obtain maximum profit by spending less and earning more in an advertising agency.

Here, in this article, I would like to make things clear about the media buying, like how much do you pay your media buyers to make the ticket of your early retirement and what and how you could save your energy and money and yourself too if you sell the wrong media buyer.

We have heard from the very beginning that we get what we pay for specific things, this could be many things out of it.

If a person who is into the job of media buyer, the media buyer person knows well how to respond and how to give an annual profit by using their different strategies, like if you are a media buyer you know that very well that how you turn the tables by winning a perfect campaign for the company.

A media buyer is someone who doesn’t stick for a long time with one company if they come to know that what the amount of profit annually they are giving to the company, so pay what they need as per their work. Check the media buyer work and earn profits by giving them incentives, as they are the most important member of your team who can play well, so keep them for a more extended period.

In this article, I am going to discuss the top models of payments which you can use to pay a media buyer who will surely stick with you for a long term. But, remember one thing in mind that different people have a different perspective, background, and their work.

Here, I will discuss the top three models which I have used for paying Media buyers:-




Flat salary is good and bad, vice versa. If the media buyer which you hire is still in the learning process, the flat salary which means you set a fixed amount monthly or weekly. The day, when the performance of the media buyer becomes good, then they want a piece of profit out of the company’s gross profit, which is fair enough to give them. Now, what happens is some media buyers would be happy, but the others will not be happy because of the different perspectives.

On the other hand, flat salary is not regarded as good, but these two ways will always give you a fruitful result:-

1) Up-front prices

Up-front costs could be the best option to offer, look overall if you see an excellent media buyer will have lots of options available to them they can always get more than the amount which you will put forward, so what they say pay them as you are getting the result of their reaping. Make them happy and earn more than your expectations.

2) Incentives and Bonus

What is the work of a Media Buyer? They are good at sales, so they are obviously not working for any charity or in free, so offer a good incentive to them of their hard work so that they also create a more diversified interest in your overall work and show you the result which you always wait for.


Exceptions are Always Welcome in the Media Buying!

Now, here I will tell you how exceptions are good in the Media Buying, they are none the less the Junior Media Buyers, which are college pass out and searching for a job in this field or they are still into their graduation period. You know what’s the best part of them is you can offer them a low salary and gain the maximum output from their work.



  • Offer the best rate of Commission


According to me, this model of giving the only commission to your media buyer is a good idea but sometimes it turns out to be a bad idea because what will happen if a particular moth turns out to be $0 earning then what you will give your buyer if you are working with them on the commission basis. So, set them the best commission of you earn between $0 to $50k give them 15% of the commission, and if you earn $50k to $100k then 20% and the last set should be for $100 is 30% commission which sets your pay scale with the media buyer in a perfect way.


  • Salary and commission both


By offering them the salary and commission both obviously the employee loyalty gets increases, and that’s the best part which you can do is like if the person is hard working and working good for the company and the profit which company is getting up to the mark then you may offer like a $10k salary plus $15% commission.


I hope you liked the article and you will follow these three models and these would definitely help you in the long term and above all you can also pay according to the pay per performance, a person who wants to learn the affiliate marketing or a newbie you can use higher them instantly they will surely reap good and give you the best income as they are far more serious than the people of 1-2 years of experience. Above all, I will always recommend you the third model which I have described above which is salary and commission both which can set you and the media buyer goal up to your expectation as both the parties are happy.


Free Robux | Roblox Hack No Survey Without Verification Tool

Into To The Online Game Roblox :

Roblox is a client produced web based amusement created and distributed by Roblox Corporation. It is a fascinating amusement and playing it is an extraordinary ordeal. It is for the most part a diversion for youthful youngsters however even adolescents and grown-ups think that it’s interesting. Even now you can play free Roblox no survey, where no personal information is to be shared.

You can end up being all the more extreme by making all the more extra valuable stones and credits. When you begin playing Roblox entertainments, you end up being a bit of inventive people that get taking an interest in enchanting drawing in Roblox web redirection.

Roblox familiar player recognizable proof all together with have also gaming foundation. As the Roblox amusement give social utilities, you can collaborate with your loved ones, You can change your buddy’s estimations and things to whatever you wish to like. It moreover gives you a chance to change your own particular estimations and things.


Step By Step Instructions To Get Boundless Of Robux And Tix’s

There is the most ideal route with which you can get the Roblox Robux Hack in this gaming stage. Today we are going enlighten you regarding the basic courses with which you can get Roblox Robux Hack without Human Verification.

Open the Roblox Robux Hack No Survey No Human Verification Generator given beneath. Take after the directions given in a post for making perpetual Robux by utilizing Roblox Hack Tool, so it is the best approach to do as such:

  • Basically tap on the “Entrance Online Generator” catch above.
  • Fill your Robux account or enrolled username in generator.
  • Select the quantity of Free Robux and Tix (Tickets) you need to produce.
  • Snap “Produce” catch.
  • The procedure would set aside some opportunity to finish.
  • Be that as it may, in a few nations regardless you have to do a basic manual Captcha Verification.
  • After effective captcha confirmation check your record for the refreshed measure of Robux and Tix (Tickets).


Features Of Free Robux Generator No Survey Tool:

  • Its interface is easy to understand.
  • The best piece of this instrument is that it is totally free.
  • You don’t need to pay any cash at whatever point you utilize this.
  • It utilizes a hostile to boycott calculation that deals with your demand.
  • The device has its own VPN so you don’t need to pay any membership charge for VPN.
  • At whatever point you confront any blunder, you can simply revive the page. It begins working.
  • It is totally online so you don’t need to download any product for this.
  • With this, you can keep tabs on your development since it has movement log highlight that demonstrates your present status.




If you frequently use facebook and youtube and love to download all the important videos immediately then this article is only for you, because if you tried to download any special APP for YouTube video from PlayStore then I must Say you didn’t get anything due to their policies. I should say that you should try SnapTube VIP APK for android.

There are few other Android App for downloading YouTube videos, such as TubeMate. But it has limitation for file size means you can’t download HD videos. So I’m going to talk about a new SnapTube VIP Android HD YouTube Video Downloader by using you can download any video from YouTube quick, and advantageous way so you can enjoy playing it later without the internet in offline also you can share such videos.


  • You can download the video in different resolutions.
  • MP4 recordings are accessible in resolutions: pick the little size of 360 pixels or the top quality 720 pixels.
  • You can also download the MP3 songs using this app directly.
  • You can download any of the YouTube music video specifically as a MP3 file. No additional encoding procedure or module required. Spare space and tune in to your most loved music video whenever you need.
  • We can search the videos with specific titles.
  • Search a video with catchphrases. Effectively locate the correct video you need.
  • We can always find lots of new videos.
  • Investigate recordings in your most loved classes like Music and Movies. Find new recordings with suggested records from our caretakers.
  • Interruption, cross out or continue a video download. Erase the recordings you don’t require any longer. Deal with the majority of your video downloads in one place.



Now i will tell you about the newly added features in snaptube vip apk.

  1. Now you can download your playlists and Watch Later list on YouTube in batch!
  2. The newly added Next Video button.
  3. More features are optimized according to feedbacks from SnapTubers. Feel free to tell us what you think.
  4. 9 Indian native languages are supported: Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Urdu, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam.


Oh!! Its a very simple and easy task to do. Follow my steps to download the snaptube vip apk.


  1. First of all copy the given link. LINK: “https://snaptube.en.uptodown.com/android”
  2. After that open any browser and paste the link in the URL box.
  3. A pop up will appear and from there the download will start…




  1. First of all uninstall any antivirus or stop for a while.
  2. Then give all the permission to install 3rd party services from settings.
  3. Then click on install.
  4. Sit back your app is ready to download the videos…..


At last I would say that having snaptube vip video downloader is a must thing if you are a collector of videos. It will prove to be of great use….. also because it provides the best services amomg all its alternatives.


Merry Christmas Memes

Merry Christmas Meme: Hey There! Are you looking for Merry Christmas Meme? If yes then you are here at the right place. Here at Merry Christmas Site  we have  published  Merry Christmas Meme.


Christmas is an extraordinary celebration all over the world. The introduction of Jesus Christ is recognized as Christmas. Christmas is praised on December 25th of consistently. Well in front of the festival day, you can see Christmas trees all over the place. Individuals adorn their homes and place Christmas trees inside their homes too with lights and decorations on it. Numerous Christians direct hymns on roads to raise philanthropy. In Western nations, individuals appreciate Christmas the entire month. Upon the arrival of Christmas, they trade presents and Christmas Cards. Santa Clause Claus gives away presents to the kids.

Merry Christmas Memes


Hope you like Merry Christmas Meme. Do share this post with your friends and family using sharing button provided below.

Learn how fire alarm systems save precious lives!

There is nothing that you wouldn’t do to protect your loved ones from harm’s way. Keeping them safe is a priority, be it at home or outside. No matter how cautious you are, life is unpredictable and accidents do happen! The most you can do is find ways to prevent anything bad from happening and if they do happen, minimize injury to your loved ones!

Installing security systems and fire alarm systems from fire equipment services Melbourne is one way to prevent any accident from happening or escalating to a point of no return. You may not think of getting a fire alarm system installed in your home or workplace but it is an established fact that having a fire alarm system can save precious lives and minimize damage to your property.

Let’s take a look at a few reasons why an alarm system is a must in your household and workplace!

An Advance Warning

Fire alarm systems can save the lives of your loved ones by giving out an advance warning. Most fire alarm systems can detect smoke and heat even before you can see an actual fire.

For example, water heaters are usually kept in basements and a heat-sensitive fire alarm system can easily detect rising temperatures, due to a malfunctioning water heater, and sound an alarm well before an actual fire. Similarly, if something is burning on a stove and you are not there at that particular moment, the fire alarm system can pick up the smoke and ring an alarm before there is any fire!

This gives you an advance warning to not only find the source of fire, if there is any, but also helps in keeping your loved ones safe. Regular testing of your fire alarms from Jim’s fire testing services ensures that they are working properly! 

Fire Alarm Systems and Local Fire Stations

Imagine having a fire break out in your home. There would be sheer panic and chaos. Your first priority would be to get yourself and your family out of the house.

In all of this chaos, you might be losing precious time to inform the local fire station. This can lead to extensive damage to your property and the fact that there may be a delay in getting some first aid. Firefighters are the first to respond to any type of emergency and they are not only skilled in putting out fires or saving people but they are also highly skilled in providing first aid to the injured on the spot.

Modern fire alarm systems are connected to your local fire station and whenever the alarm in your home or office rings, the fire station is automatically informed about a fire. This saves a lot of time and in hindsight, a lot of lives!

Some Handy Tips for Your Fire Alarm Systems!

  • Just like you maintain your electrical appliances or your vehicles, it is important that you regularly get your fire alarms tested. Jim’s fire testing services ensure that your alarms are periodically tested to check if they are working properly. Similarly, getting your fire extinguishers and safety blankets tested is also important as they can help in preventing the spread of fire as soon as the alarm rings.
  • Whether you are at home or your office, lay out an emergency exit plan and make sure that there is fire drill every now and then so that everyone in your household/ office is up-to-date and doesn’t panic in the face of an emergency!
  • Install a fire alarm in every room to ensure maximum safety!


Fire Alarm Systems Are a Necessity Which Is Often Over-looked! Accidents Are Unpredictable but Can Be Prevented!

How To Optimize your pc for better performance

We have all been frustrated by slow-working PC’s taking forever to carry out a simple task. Computers might be very intelligent but they still need us to help them work better. There are several ways in which you can make your computer work faster and give a better performance.

2) Optimizing the PC

Optimizing your PC or performance tuning refers to the method of improving system performance. There are different tricks and methods that you can apply to optimize your PC and help it work better.

There are many ways to optimize your PC some of them will be covered in this article. You may find many other ways to achieve your goal.

  1. Delete what you never use

There will be many programs on your PC that you might have installed a long time ago but never use them now, and many built-in programs that come along with PC but are never used by you, so it would be better just to get rid of them because they are taking space and make a part of the CPU processes. This increases the load on your PC and hence slows it down. So just remove all the unnecessary programs.


Go to Control Panel>Programs>Uninstall programs
Startup programs

There are many programs that start as soon as you turn on the PC, some of them are noticeable because they put an icon on the taskbar and you can close them from there. However, you still might miss some of the programs that do not put an icon, to close them and limit them from starting again go to task manager under the startup tab you will find the programs that automatically start on turning on the PC. You can disable the programs that you do not want to start on waking up the PC.

3)Hard disk cleanup

There are many unnecessary files that you do not even know of saved on your PC. They slow down your PC and become an obstacle to the better performance of PC. So, since you cannot locate these files it is better to use the built-in Disk Cleanup app in Windows. It allows you to clean up your selected drive removing all the unnecessary files, emptying recycle bin and some system files that you no longer need.


You can also do this by

Right-click the disk>Properties>Disk clean-up

You will find this under the General tab.

4)Limit the visual effects

The visual effects might look beautiful on the screen but they take a major part in the CPU process, increasing the work of PC and hence slowing it down. It is better to remove these visual effects and use your PC in a rather simple environment. It is up to you, which visuals you want to disable from a total of 20 that you can control.


System>Advanced System Settings> Click Settings under the Performance Tab> you can either choose to Adjust for best performance (Windows will automatically disable the visuals)> or you can manually choose the visuals that you want to turn off

5)Restart your PC on regular basis

Many people do not know this but there is a simple trick to make your PC work faster and that is just restarting. If you use a computer a lot, that you must do, it would a good to restart your PC at least once a week. Restarting the PC closes all the software being currently run on your PC and this software not only include the ones that you can see running but also many other different services that were started by different programs but they were never stopped. Such services are a major reason for slow computers. Much software running for a long time wills slower you’re PC down. So, restarting the PC will be a great trick to get rid of them.

6)Keep the PC safe from viruses and spyware

One of the major reasons for your PC’s sow speed can be the virus. Your PC might be infected by a virus or spyware that is hindering its performance. You can catch a virus if you see more an abnormal slowed the speed of the PC or different pop-up messages that you do not recognize, some automatically running programs or you would hear your hard disk constantly working.

Spyware is a secret program installed on your computer without your knowledge that keeps a check on your internet activity.

You must use antivirus software and keep it up to date to keep a close check on your PC and prevent any viruses from entering your PC.

7)More memory

You may be running short of memory. More RAM will ensure a much faster computer. Higher versions of Windows require more memory, for example, Windows 7 can run on 1GB but it works better on 2GB. So, might as well use more memory with your PC and make it work better.

Hope these methods will help you.

Author Bio: John Alex is a freelancer writer and a contributor.Currently he’s working with Hopewell Computers which provides computer hardware maintenance services.Furthermore,John assist in business creation and social media planning.

Reasons to join Bali weight loss retreat

Do you want to attain a gorgeous look? Drop the weight and get rid of the stress of stress. Joining Bali weight loss retreat is the right source to escape the stress. You can shed down extra pounds in a friendly and safe environment. To attain a sleek body you can come in a great shape. With the help of the spa treatments, massage, rejuvenating, movement classes and detoxification, you can easily lose weight quickly. It is important to join a right weight loss program to shed flab, fat and excess skin.

Why to join powerful weight loss program?

Shed extra pounds by using fat burning herbs, rapid weight loss movements and raw food detoxification. The combination of the movement classes and variety of exercises in the first day, you will see the difference.

Spa Treatment

With the help of the hot treatment, abdominal massage, lymphatic drainage and body wraps are helpful to lose weight. It sounds very good that you spend holidays in a luxurious way and at the end of the holidays you have attained an attractive body. This is spa treatment in the resort is highly wonderful to make your experience memorable.

Luxury Room Service 

It is the name of excellence that they have several best locations on their credits. The most vital factor that can be the first preference is the convenience and comfort. Obviously, these resorts are constructed in a modern way to provide luxury service.  These are as comfy as your home is.  The reasons behind it are several including

  1. Exclusive hotel facilities
  2. Extraordinary interior and exterior
  3. Unique and modern construction

For making your stay memorable you can enjoy a quality residence. Some of the excellent features are given for your concern.

Affordable packages

The prices are not high therefore these are available in reasonable cost. It is the name of trust and professionalism. These are newly constructed resorts with modern facilities in very affordable packages. Conveying the exclusive facilities of life with style and class, it is popular among the users. It gives the luxurious living style. Offering three classes according to the affordability of the clients including Economy class, Executive Class, and Premium Class, these resorts are dynamic as per your affordability.

Modern amenities of life make it more than comfortable for you. It can be a wonderful choice for you to stay here because the lavish arrangements make it stylish.

  • Cable TV or satellite
  • Internet
  • Wireless internet
  • Easy internet access
  • Wide parking lot
  • Pet-friendly accommodation
  • Smoking ducts or area in each residence
  • Prime location in the city
  • Suitable for children
  • Safe for family
  • Swimming Pool

If you prefer to stay here then enjoy swimming pool facility, you will get a lot more to enjoy. The hot cup of coffee in the cool evening breeze is what defines the actual meaning of a happy life. You can enjoy having a conversation with your friend and family amidst the greenery all around. Also, fan the fire of your passion for weight loss. Spend a good time in swimming and beautify your body.

Nokia 7:Misses By a Hair

Nokia’s was one of the world’s greatest phone brands and was the dominant player in the post-2010 era of feature phones and smartphones. It was also a beloved brand in India, and some of us trusted Nokia more than we trust our spouses. It had some of funkiest and innovative looking devices back when it reigned supreme, and they were tough as tanks.  

Nokia was brought back to life recently by the folks at HMD global after its catastrophic fall at the hands of Microsoft, and since then, they have been on a roll, and it seems that they are finally gaining market share slowly. They have released a ton of different devices starting with the Nokia 2, which is their low end offering to the Nokia 8, which is their fastest offering yet. The review today, however, is for the Nokia 7, which is a device that is a step down from the Nokia 8 but is actually a teaser for the upcoming Nokia flagship, the Nokia 9. So, how does it fare against the industry big guns and more importantly how does it fare against its competitors at the same bracket? Let’s find out

Design and Display:

There is no denying that the Nokia 7 is a gorgeous device. It has an all-glass body, wrapped in Gorilla glass 3. It sits on Aluminium 7000 series chassis and gives the device a nice and solid and premium feel. It was really thoughtful of Nokia to encase the device in Gorilla Glass so it hopefully won’t shatter as easily but investing in a case will still be a priority. Also for a first, Nokia has the fingerprint sensor at the rear, giving the front a nice, clean look and has capacitive buttons for navigation. Also, the device has a protective Nano coating that can save it from accidental liquid splashes. So there is a raised housing for the camera which has a Zeiss logo on it depicting that the camera uses Zeiss lenses.  

The Nokia 7 uses a 5.2inch IPS panel with a 1080p resolution. This accounts to a pixel density of 424ppi which makes content appear really sharp. The IPS display has nice colours and good contrast, but I would have like an AMOLED panel on the device given its price point. The screen also has a 16:9 form factor and not the newer 18:9 aspect ratio.


Perhaps, the only neutral aspect of the Nokia 7 is thatit is powered by the Snapdragon 630 which is the successor to the Snapdragon 625. Both the 630 and the 625 have nearly the same performance but the 630 being a newer chip has better power efficiency. It isn’t a bad processor per-se, but Nokia could have easily used a Snapdragon 660 in the device since the Nokia 8 uses the top tier Snapdragon 835. The Snapdragon 630, like the 625, is an 8 core chip with four cores clocked at 2.2GHz and another four clocked at 1.4GHz. The higher clocked cores kick in when it senses the need for more processing power but for less demanding tasks it uses the slower cores.It also has a mammoth 6GB of RAM which makes multi-tasking a breeze.

Graphics are handled by the Adreno 508 GPU which is also one up from the Adreno 506 found in the snapdragon 625. Overall performance improvements are really minor, but the 630 has some unique features like integrated X12 modem, Qualcomm 642 DSP, Hybrid autofocus, Quick charge 4.0 support and so on.


Nokia has been really playing it subtle in the software department, and we appreciate them for it. It comes with stock Android 7.1.1 out of the box with no skinning whatsoever and should be getting the Android Oreo update very soon. There are no unnecessary preinstalled bloatware apart from the standard Google Apps. This makes the whole UX very snappy and responsive, and due to stock android, RAM management is done exceptionally well on the device.

Camera and Storage:

This is one area where the Nokia 7 might fall a bit short compared to the competition. While the rest of the manufacturers are busy on actively implementing a dual camera setup on their phones and advertising them as camera phones, Nokia went a different route with the 7 because it doesn’t feature a dual camera setup like its competitors. But what makes it unique is that it uses Carl Zeiss optics on the camera sensor. Nokia has had a long history of using Zeiss optics on their flagships and better optics naturally mean a better image quality. It has a 16MP primary camera with dual LED flash and an f/1.8 aperture and a pixel size of 1.12 microns. It can also record 4K videos but there are certainly better cameras available around the same price bracket.  

The front camera is a fairly modest 5MP shooter with an f/2.0 aperture and has 84 degrees of wide angle capture. Also, the front camera has 1.4-micron pixel size, but sadly none of the front or rear cameras have any sort of image stabilisation and it can lead to shaky or blurry images if not handled properly.

The device is available in a 64GBvariantwith the option to expand via an SD slot that supports up to 128GB SD cards.

Battery and Connectivity:

The Nokia 7 has a 3000mAh battery with Qualcomm Quick Charge support. It should get you through the day just fine.

Connectivity Wise, the Nokia7 hasn’t seen an official worldwide launch, so support for Indian Network bands isn’t confirmed. But the device has Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/n/ac, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC and GPS with A-GPS, GLONASS and BDS support.  


The Nokia 7 is a beautiful device complying with Nokia’s legacy of building innovative and good looking phones. It misses out on a few marks like the So C and Screen, but it makes it up with good audio capabilities and great cameras. The Nokia 7 price in India is expected to be around Rs.26990 when and if it launches and should be a great contender in that price bracket. Keep yourself updated with the latest news on www.91mobiles.com.

Multimedia growing technology of new Generation

The Newest Growing Technology of The New Generation is multimedia. The applications of multimedia are widespread. The combination of animation, still images, sound and video along with the use of computer technology is termed as Multimedia. To implement the application of multimedia software is required which is available on CD-ROMs. The software which is applied for formation of animation, graphics are Photomagic, CorelDraw, and Animation Pro.

Uses of Multimedia

  1. Develop business presentations
  2. Record and edit music on computer
  3. Connect audio to text or files
  4. Make 3D effect in a various manner
  5. It also creates the animated birthday card.

Multimedia Courses

The course of multimedia comprises bachelor (BA, B.sc) and postgraduate (MSc) degree. The BSc in Multimedia is of 3 years having six semesters. The candidate who has passed 10+2 and is interested in building a career in multimedia is eligible for BSc (multimedia). The MSc in multimedia is of 2 years. The candidate who has passed graduation from any recognised university is available for the course of MSc (multimedia).
Top Multimedia Colleges in India
C-DAC – National Multimedia Resource Centre, Pune
Maya Academic of Advanced Cinematics, Mumbai
Zee Institute of Creative Art, Coimbatore.
Manipal University Bangalore Campus, Vijayanagar, Bangalore
Film and Television Institute of India, Pune
DQ School of Visual Arts
Toonz Animation Academy
DQ School of Visual Arts, Mumbai
Industrial Design Centre, Mumbai
If you are looking for Animation Course. You must Read the Following:

Tips To Choose The Best Animation School
Career in animation
Get to Know About Complete details of Animation Courses

Multimedia Jobs
The student can have different career opportunities in the field of multimedia. These career opportunities are:
1. Web Designer/Developer
The professional who carry out the work of web designer.
2. Multimedia Designer
The creation of interactive content by applying video, audio, graphics, special effects is a job of Multimedia Designer.
3. Software developer/programmer
The creation of software is the job of a software developer.
4. Online Publishing
To publish the content on the web through the internet is termed as Online publishing.
Application of Multimedia
The applications of multimedia are:
1. Multimedia Presentation:
It is used in the field of education to present subject matter to the students in an interactive way.
2. Entertainment
Multimedia is used for entertainment by producing sound, pictures and video in an integrated form.
3. Software
Multimedia is used to make the software application.
4. Business Communication
Multimedia supports the ease of business communication.
5. Multimedia Web Pages:
The web pages become more attractive using multimedia.
Multimedia is a new advent of current generation which is finding its scope in all areas of education and entertainment. Its study makes the student a dynamic personality which enables him to have a command on his/her working field. The student gets value and standard of this course. If a student has full control of subject matter, then he will get the job at the right salary and can achieve the success in every respect.
Thus, multimedia is the latest field of education to develop a good career according to his/her expectations. multimedia is the future of this world.