Patches and Hotfixes

Hotfixes and Patches – These both words are very important in every aspect for us. Through both of them we can find lot of way to hack a victim. Actually these are use for security or vanishing loop hole purpose. but we can create fake Hotfixes and patches , before that we have to understand what exactly these updates are.

Hotfixes   -A hotfix  is a code that fixes a bug in a product. The users may be notified through emails or through the vendor’s website. Hotfixes are sometimes packaged as a set of fixes called a combined hotfix or service pack

Patch – A patch can be considered as a repair job in a piece of programming problem. A patch is the immediate solution that is provided to users.

Patches and Hotfixes

What is Patch Management – Patch management is a process used to ensure that the appropriate patches are installed on a system”. It involves the following:

  •  Choosing, verifying, testing, and applying patches
  • Updating previously applied patches with current patches
  • Listing patches applied previously to the current software
  • Recording repositories, or depots, of patches for easy selection
  • Assigning and deploying the applied patches

The first step in patch testing is the verification of patch source and integrity which helps you to ensure that update is valid and it is not altered the major components of patch testing include digital signature, checksums, Integrity Verification
Basically patch testing process take place in three different categories are

  • Testing patch installation
  • Testing application Patches
  • Testing Service Patches
Patches and Hotfixes

Patches and Hotfixes

Types of Patches defined by Microsoft – Microsoft releases patches to facilate updates to the windows OS and microsoft applications
Such patches fix known problem or bugs in an OS or application and are shipped in three format are

  • Hotfixes – As security fixes or Quick Fix Enginerring
  • Roll ups – merge updates of several Hotfixes into a single update file
  • Service packs -An update to a software version that fix a bug, include fixes not previously released and introduce new funcionality

There are also some tools used for management tools like Update Expert , Qfecheck , Shavlik NetChk protect ,Kaseya Patch management etc

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