How to popularize your mobile app on Google Play

When you put your sweat and blood into making an app accustomed to your customers’ needs, you wouldn’t want it to fail just because it wasn’t popular. All your hard work and resources would go to waste if your promotion strategy wasn’t well planned. Promotion helps in making your app famous amongst the targeted audience or in general. It is a vital step in making your product survives in this competitive era.


There are numerous numbers of apps on Google Play store which makes it harder for your app to get in the spotlight for the publishers. It can also get very confusing for you to decide which the right channel for promotion is. We are here to help you decide and give you some tips on how to make your app popular on Google Play Store.

  • Facebook Ads: Facebook is a great medium with millions of users to gain popularity in no time. Facebook offers to advertise your product at affordable prices. You can target your audience by factors like gender, age, locations and various others.

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  • Focus on the quality of your app: Your app would sell on its own if your users trust you with the quality. Improve the features like graphical quality if it is a gaming app as gamers usually focus on that immensely. Make sure to spend a little time on the appearance of the app, it affects the user demands more than you can imagine. There is a lot of competition when it comes to apps on Google play store, so make sure that your app looks appealing and catchy.
  • Use your email to advertise: It has been proven that 91% of the population checks their emails every day. It is a great way to get your app into the world. May it be a work or personal email, make sure you add a footnote at the end of it featuring your app and a link redirecting to the site where they can download it from.


  • Pay attention to user ratings: An app with higher and good ratings always has a good chance of downloading (i can speak from experience as i too am a sucker for ratings). Thus ask your users to rate your apps. Keep track of your most persistent users so that you can inform them about changes and upgrades too. This leaves a good impression on the customers, which is advantageous to your ratings in the end.

  • Create an attractive app icon: With over 2 million apps in the Google Play store, if you want your app to stand out make sure your icon is eye catching. If your app icon attracts the attention of the user it will help you gain popularity on its own. So don’t take the app icon lightly and spend some time and energy into designing something that reflects your app.


  • Share awesome screenshots: One of the things I personally focus on while downloading an app is the SCREENSHOTS. Many developers take this step for granted. Boring and plain screenshots are a big no. if you want your app to gain popularity then your screenshots need to be different and mesmerizing.

Author bio: This article was written by Sharlyn William, who is a painter by profession; she likes to read and write during her free time and also gives assignment writing service to students who are not satisfied with their projects or task and She is an ardent techie as well.

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