Proxies used as Scanning phase

Proxies used as in Scanning phase

Proxy is a term that we use, when related to computers, to describe using a third party between the user and the internet. Its simply to hide yourself from notifying to any one.

Looking at the reasons to use a proxy

  • To hide your identity or location
  • Speed, web proxies are commonly used to cache web pages from a web server
  • Saving bandwidth for downloads, in cases where more users go through the same proxy to get the same files
  • Usage logs, the proxy server keeps track of who goes where
  • Security, the server scans the content for malware

Proxies used as Scanning phase
Free Proxy Servers
Search on Google so you can use them

Socks Chain
Its a program that works through a chain of Socks or HTTP proxies to conceal the IP-address

Proxy Workbench
It is a small proxy server which resides inside the network and monitor’s connection

Proxy Manager
it connects to internet and to downloads lists of proxy servers from various will have thousands of proxy server IP address within minutes.

Happy Browser Tool
it is a malfunctional web brower with many integrated tools though this you can dynamically change proxy server while browsing the web.

it uses different proxies every time you visit the internet,add thousand of proxies to the list and your firewall does not see a pattern in your traffic.

Proxies used as Scanning phase

TOR Proxy Chaining Software
Tor is a network of virtual tunnels connected together and works like a big chained proxy.It mask the identity of the orignating from the Internet.


Anonymous surfing

Anonymous Surfing browser

Browzar :
With browzar you can search and surf the web without leaving any visible trace on the computer you are using.

Torpark browser
it is free ,portable , zero-install, preconfigured, and encrypted which runs on Windows

Mowser and Phonifier
Surf the web using Mowser and Phonifier, a new service that is free and converts any website into a mobile phone friendly format

There are also some way for using a proxy

  • Analog X proxy
  • NetProxy
  • proxy+
  • JAP
  • Proxy Switcher lite
  • Proxomitron
  • Google Cookies
  • SSL proxy Tool
  • HTTP Port
  • HTTP Tunnel

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