Reality behind Hacking Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo Accounts

Many of people searching on Google about  How to hack  facebook account , how to hack gmail or yahoo etc. And we got various article on regarding hacking these account. Even free/paid software/program/cracker link is also come for hacking these accounts. But whats the The Reality Of Hacking Facebook, Gmail, or Yahoo Accounts ???

Many people on net impressed by the word “hacking account”they think there is some mind blowing , extra talented people whom known as hacker can do anything , can hack anybuddy account. they have some Super technique to hack anyone account. But in reality the scenario is totally different.
Now the biggest fact about Hacking Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo Accounts are 99% accounts are hacked due to victim’s carelessness/lack of knowledge. And the technique involved for hacking the victim account is Keylogger , Phishing , Social Engineering and Click hijacking.


Reality Behind Hacking Facebook , G mail  ,Yahoo Accounts

We usually start like googling this, “how to hack gmail” , “softwares for hacking”, “how to hack facebook” etc. No doubt, they are at the right place. I would have rather use words – they are on the right track but will they open up the right door and gain something or they will just end up becoming a victim them self Reality behind Hacking Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo Accounts

Genrally we have signed up for an account(gmail,yahoo or any other reputed website)
Your password is stored only at two places

1. In website’s database
2. In your mind

Stealing password from the website’s database is quite tough task. i am not saying its impossible , yaa but its impossible for normal person. So the remaining option to steal the password is just from you. So here are some way which you have to keep in your mind to not to loose your Account.

1. Phishing– The most common way of hacking them is phishing.
The common type of phishing is Fake Login Page.
The victim is anyhow anyway made to enter his credentials in fake login page which resembles the genuine login page and gets hacked. For phishing before login you have to just the URL

.2. Keylogger–  Its a most common technique used even by a newbie for hacking account. its simply stores whatever you type. So always use Antivirus for your system.

3. Social Engineering – There is no patch to Human Stupidity.It is the hardest form of attack to defend. the best way to don’t share your password to anyone.i think Social engineering is very vast topic so its better to read all information regarding Social Engineering here.

4. Click Jacking – These days its quite famous technique to steal the password, mainly its used for facebook. many peoples for collecting enourmous likes for status fan page or subscribers , they goes for few website (Click jacking) and share its password. To know exactly about Click Hijacking click here.

Reality Behind Hacking Facebook , G mail  ,Yahoo Accounts

-> Does any free/paid software/program/cracker exist to hack such accounts ?

No .You might get numberless free or preminum softwares which claim to crack email accounts. The softwares just ask you to enter victim’s email and start cracking/generating password. I have already told you about two places where one’s password is. From where the hell ,these softwares would bring passwords for you ? . This kinda stuff is undoubtedly scam/rubbish.

-> Is there any free/premium online service to hack such accounts ?

No.You might have logged on to many websites that claim to crack any
email account for some amount of money. They are completely fraud and be aware of them. Dont lose your money there !!

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