Data can be loss at any time. Currently, data loss and its prevention are the biggest debate by all IT Professionals and everyone is affected by this trouble making disease. Everyone is looking for its permanent solution but data somewhat able to wipe from the system. Recovery softwares are considered to be the best solution but these softwares do not give 100% recovery and also failed to prevent data loss in future. You can find many recovery softwares on the google claiming themselves as free Data Recovery Software. These softwares sometimes may be the source of satisfaction because personal and limited amount of data can be retrieved through it, but data loss prevention approach must be assessed as a full-blown strategy to secure your data. In other and simple words, it is mandatory to implement effective data recovery tools that can prevent the effusion of privileged data from the organization.


Data protection is the understanding about how you can protect data from its residence i.e. hard drive or other storage devices.  In simple words, it is only “YOU” who can be the significant part of any fruitful data loss prevention program. The only method of data loss prevention is to instruct about data handling.


The healthy Data Recovery Software may benefit to control the use of sensitive data and may provide assistance like:

  1.    It prevents your valuable information from the malware that comes in your system accidentally or deliberately.
  2.    Scan periodically your data at key checkpoints.
  3.    It enables you the prevention of general security violence.
  4.    It smartly looks up and regulates the data upon individuality.


It is rightly said that “Man is the sculpture of mistakes” and by following this saying most of the data loss situation is usually caused by human errors. Following are the chief grounds that we usually found and will discuss their prevention below:

  •    MALWARE:

Malware and viruses destroy the data, delete valuable files or make business maneuvers abnormal. A suitable anti-virus program is an easiest and simplest way to keep your system and business server from malware programs and this needs proper update of anti-virus program and periodically scan your system for virus.


Anonymous users in your organization network are the main source of making your data steal, delete or use your sensitive data according to their wishes. Such Unauthorized guests may even crash your whole organizational network. So, the better way to tackle this situation is to apply the employee permission program that can restrict any anonymous or malicious activity from the hackers.

  •    OS Failure

The operating system is the software that is categorized in system software. System software can be failed any time without telling any reason. But reasons can be predicted as malware functions, affected external storage device etc. Generally, important data is saved in the drive where operating system is installed. If OS corrupts at any time it results in data loss and you would never able to recover it because when you overwrite the OS in the same drive your data will vanish completely. It is strongly recommended to make backups in order to keep your data even your system may crash.

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