Reasons, Why you should not replace your Oppo F3 to F5

The release of new version of Android phones and models have become more like a rat race. This race shows no sign to seize anytime soon. Recently Oppo has launched oppo F5 after the success acquired from oppo f3. This might have put the thoughts in many heads regarding the up gradation F3 to F5. Or you might be considering switching your android phone to Oppo F5.

But hold on your horses! Before you invest in your precious bucks, you should be well informed of the reasons why you must be considering retaining Oppo F3 over F5.


Oppo mobile phones in Pakistan have captured the heart of many due to it’s highly megapixel camera. The selfies lovers won’t ever jump to any other brand of the phone as the oppo cameras never fail to disarm the users and it endorses the same.

Oppo cameras are loved over the performance Oppo offers. The price to performance ratio in oppo phone is always less. F5 does not feature screen flash while Led flash is offered. This implies that in the dark settings you might witness an increase in noise. The overall image quality of Oppo F5 is fair just as F3 and both of them are pretty comparable. Except for an improvised front camera which bears AI mode along with Auto HDR mode.

Screen and performance

Oppo F5 comes with 6 inches, so one needs time to get used to the larger screen. The minor issues are encountered with the app not scaling that well like youtube and games. One may encounter a problem when watching youtube videos. The landscape mode will make the viewer feel as if watching the video in a black box.  The gamer of dead trigger 2 will witness the menus cropped at sides, due to the screen ratio.

Other than that, the display itself is very good. It’s crisp and bright, with punchy colors and excellent viewing angles. Everything from text to movies looks great, and we did find ourselves feeling immersed especially with video, and we think the experience will be even better with the black version of this phone. The main downside is that the preattached screen protector picks up scuffs and smudges all the time, and isn’t very easy to clean.



Oppo F3 and Oppo F5 have no difference in terms of battery life. Though many of the Oppo users expected a change.  The 3200 battery offers a day and a half of usage of the oppo F5 on a single charge. If one drains the battery by clicking photos, playing games, watching videos even then the battery ran out after 11 hours and 24 minutes.

Although F5′ charger is as oversized as Oppo’s VOOC charger. The new oppo F5 does not support fast high-speed charging. But F5 is a great disappointment for those seeking great super quick charging.  The disappointment factor strikes when talked upon the charging process. It really sucks away the patience when waiting for the phone to charge. It takes 10 percent to 60 gets charged in an hour, which is not great if compared to other phones.  If you are buying opp0 5 for better battery life than just stick with oppo 3.


Almost every oppo user was disappointed by the combination of storage oppo 5 offered. Oppo F5 was launched with the same 4gb ram and 32 GB storage as offered by oppo 3. With the increased price, we did expect the improvement in performance. However, the company did announce the other version of f5 to be released later in December with 6 GB ram and 64 GB storage. But highlighting what we have right now in hand, oppo f5 didn’t do justice with the storage at this price point especially for the people whose memory card never gets sufficient enough!

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