My skills when it comes to SEO include

I can work the following programs well:

Ahrefs my knowledge here can include finding high-quality backlinks, keyword research, reserve engineering in the deep way plus a wide range of other knowledge in this area.
Majestic, I can workout in full ways how to use this program right since I know many people still believe majestic TF flow is what Google thinks.
Ispinoage is like SEMrush, but I have a license for life from this.
Ubersuggest is keyword research tool I have used many of them so if you want to ask me any of the ones I used.


Good at finding expired domains I also have in the past trained in the past with quite a famous man you may have heard of Aron Wright was Authority Domains he was selling domains in higher level than most since when he was selling domains he sell them at a minimum for $10,000 this may sound high to you but if you see the quality domains he was selling it was well worth it.
I am quite well respected for my security knowledge since I know how to make WordPress sites a lot harder to hack and I know how to stop you seeing the Chinese language on your WordPress sites.
I can build websites in many different styles such as WordPress, Full coded, Weebly, Wix, Shopify. I have built sites in Magento I am not the best at this type of Ecommerce, but I could work on these sites if you needed it. I have a bit of experience in both Drupal and Joomla as well.

I have built sites in many different styles since I am the big person for building microsite networks.

I can do a bit of video designing as well I have quite a lot of programs this program can allow you to have character speak for you which the program will sound very human it has many different languages in the programs such as English in British,Wales,American,Indian and many it can speak in many different languages as well it’s meant to be made by the world best language program you can have male or female voice in it. They are meant to be actual explainer voices so you would have a maximum time of roughly 5 seconds the guys are always upgrading it so it could go up anytime.

I have a special program designed to make Facebook-style advertising videos so if you wanted I could do some videos for you to promote your services or products.

British SEO 

I have quite a lot of big microsite networks so I could easily use them to boost your site rankings or built you ones as well.

I am also good friends with most other SEO people so I can arrange to get you high-quality backlinks of other people to say your time of testing to see if it will work or not.


I can provide you guest posts myself of some of my own websites as well on different websites

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