How Is Social Media Impacting College Students’ Life?

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp are leading in popularity among Indian college students. When talking about usage of social media among young adults, the landscape experiences a regular shift. At one time, a particular social media service is popular among young adults, while in some instances, they are using other sites. But, one thing is clear, students these days cannot even imagine a day without social media, chatting, hanging up with friends, etc.

College students are always in search of some forms of entertainment to enjoy their life. They believe that this is the age to enjoy and after they complete their college life, a whole lot of responsibilities will line up. It is true, but they should consider the hard-earned money spent by their parents towards the higher education of their kid. It cannot be stated that social media sites always brings negative impact on the life of students.

Social media sites do good things as well. But, the matter of concern is that only a few teen children are motivated to these good resources to improve themselves. Let us explore some good things social media sites make in the life of college students in the present situation, where social media is trending towards MBA.

Humans are social animals:

The nature has created humans as social animals. We always wish to remain in some group or another. We always give importance to follow the group and its pattern of work. All the cultural aspects and traditional things that we follow in our lives are excellent proof to this group-oriented approach. Experts state that humans consider social needs next to their physical and safety requirements. Even, it is stated that our self-esteem develops with this social dependence. This is why millions of people, inclusive of students depend on social media. It helps with developing self-esteem and self-affirmation.

Excellent communication media:

Social media turns out to be an excellent means of communication for students. It is not that they communicate on matters outside their syllabus. They are using social media to get clarifications from their friends. Particularly, during study holidays before their examinations, they are able to get immediate clarifications. This helps them to focus better on their studies without wasting their precious time and efforts.

Stress release:

Without any doubt, social media is an excellent stress buster for students. From outside, the life of college students looks like amazeballs. But, they also face many stressful situations. For instance, they will have to finish an assignment within a time frame. Instances like scoring well in their semester examinations, making a presentation in front of a huge crowd add to their stress levels. This is where social media helps them in excellent stress relief. In addition, they are able to find some useful resources to prepare themselves well.


Of course, the effects of social media in the life of college students are mixed. Even though there are positive effects, there is certain negative impact as well. For instance, procrastination is the biggest downside. When they spend most of their time in social media, students tend to postpone important tasks. This surely has an impact on their overall college performance. But, the above-mentioned positive outcomes surely count.

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