How To Start List building As a Newbie.

List building is most important step in bringing the traffic to your blog. According to the reports the 80% of the traffic to the blog come from the subscribers.

The list building is important step in making revenue , the subscribers​ are the main source of income for the bloggers. The Bloggers have a huge email list whenever a new post is published infinite emails are sent to the subscribers which make them to visit the site,  engaging millions of people on their sites , more clicks more revenue.

It’s never too early to start list building even If you are a newbie you can start with it. The hard work of today will pay you tomorrow. Even if you succeed in collecting up 2-4 emails as a newbie , you are on track to be a successful bloggers.

According to big brands and Pro-Bloggers , the list building is not only the way to increase the traffic but it is also the way to increase the sales. Around 70% sales are made through the subscribers

You might have come to know the importance of the list building but still a question prevails how to start list building.

So , Here are the few plugins which will fuel your list building strategy.

Email List Building WordPress Plugins

1. Thrive leads.

List building Thrive leads

Thrive Leads is a powerful tool that includes a dozen of super functions and opt-in form designs. It comes with several equipped-to-use templates and effective analytics to help you construct a powerful e-mail list however at the equal time won’t slow down your website.

The plugin comes with a drag and drop editor that you may use to create easy yet powerful decide-in paperwork. any other amazing feature of Thrive Leads is Smartlinks, which allows you to cover the opt-in form for human beings who’ve already subscribed to your electronic mail listing.


2. Sumo-me

List building sumo me

This is an Absolutely great plugin for building an Email list. the plugin rated 4.4 out of 5 stars by users. this plugin is both free and paid. It is not only a list building plugin but it has several other functions like text highlighter , heat map and have a social sharing option too. It’s go to plugins for newbies but  Sumo only supports Mailchimp, Aweber, Campaign Monitor, and Constant Contact. If you are using any other services than you have to look for another plugin.

3. Opt-in monster.

Opt-in monster

Opt-in monster is the pick of the WordPress list building plugins. It has all the features which will tempt the visitors to become your regular subscribers.

You can create various forms whether in content or sidebar and you also get access to the unblockable pop-ups. Moreover it is compatible with all email marketing services.

You would see approx 200% increase in the subscribers with this plugins.

4. WP subscriber pro.

Wp subscriber pro

This plugin provided complete solution to the list building. It has some amazing features , it is completely compatible with the cache plugins. It also let you target your audience and  easily integrates with feed burner.

You can add custom opt-in above, below ,between  the content easily.

5. Lead pages.

Lead pages

Leadpages gives a full suite of web page constructing gadgets for collecting extra leads. A part of it is to gather emails, but Leadpages have numerous other features and integrations for continually bringing customers to your business. As an example, you get a limitless wide variety of mobile responsive landing pages, setting more focus on email capture and the real merchandise you’re seeking to promote.

Along with more than 150 templates , the landing pages and the list building opt in can be easily used anywhere.


These were the some top market dominating WordPress plugins which will double your subscribers. Most of them have a free version but the premium version is worth it. So, what are you waiting for go and start building your list.

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