Steps Of Hacking

Hello friends, Welcome back to the module of learning ABC of Ethical Hacking. I got various mails regarding the module to add several topics and believe me friends i try my best to improve the module. Now today’s post is on Step of hacking. In this post i elucidate all task perform by hacker to hack.

Steps of Hacking

Hacker performs his Task in 5 Phases.

Steps Of Hacking

Steps Of Hacking

Steps Of Hacking

  1. Reconnaissance
  2. Scanning
  3. Gaining Scanning
  4. Maintaining access
  5. Clearing Tracks

Phase 1 – Reconnaissance

Reconnaissance refers to the preparatory phase where an attacker seeks to gather as much information as possible about a target of evaluation prior to launching an attack. In this phase hacker simply gather all the information regarding Target.

This Reconnaissance phase can be perform in two way

  • Passive reconnaissance involves acquiring information without directly interacting with the target.

• For example, searching public records or news releases

  • Active reconnaissance involves interacting with the target directly by any means

• For example, telephone calls to the help desk or technical department

Phase 2 – Scanning

Scanning refers to the pre-attack phase when the hacker scans the network for specific information on the basis of information gathered during reconnaissance. Hackers have to get a single point of entry to launch an attack Scanning can include use of dialers, port scanners, network mapping, sweeping, vulnerability and so on. In this phase we simply find the loop of hole of Target.

Phase 3 – Gaining Access

Gaining access refers to the penetration phase. The hacker exploits the loop hole (vulnerability) in the system. The attack can occur over a LAN, the Internet, or as a deception, or theft. Examples include buffer overflows, denial of service, session hijacking, and password cracking

Influencing factors include architecture and configuration of the target system, the skill level of the perpetrator, and the initial level of access obtained. In this phase we attack the Victim.

Phase 4 – Maintaining Access

Maintaining access refers to the phase when the hacker tries to retain his/her ownership of the system, The hacker has compromised the system

Hackers may harden the system from other hackers as well (to own the system) by securing their exclusive access with Backdoors, RootKits, or Trojans. Hackers can upload, download, or manipulate data, applications, and configurations on the owned system.

In simple manner Hackers put the compromised system in that where again he will get access easily.

Phase 5 – Covering Tracks

Covering Tracks refer to the activities that the hacker does to hide his misdeeds. In simple language hacker remove his all foot print so he will not caught.
Reasons include the need for  continued use of resources, removing evidence of hacking, or avoiding legal action
Examples include Steganography, tunneling, and altering log files.

All the above phase , and tools involved in these Phase;s will be cleared in further posts.

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