Should Students Be Allowed To Take Notes On The Computer?

Today we’re seeing more and more use of a modernized classroom in the school with the educators encouraging students to take notes on their laptops. However, there are many instructors who discourage the use of mobile gadgets and tablets as they find it rather more distracting, and not beneficial in learning. At the same time, students feel that laptops are more efficient than paper in helping them note down the lectures delivered, after all the development in mobile technology has contributed well in the education sector.

In most cases, students complete their after-college assignment digitally, making them rely more on their systems than ever. This gives birth to a burning question: Does the use of laptops have a negative effect on the students’ performance?

The Internet’s Fascination

A 2016 study conducted by Michigan State University concluded that the use of laptops in the classroom actually resulted in students earning lesser test score, irrespective of their motivation level. Another hard fact from the study stated that students enrolled in the introductory course of phycology spent about 37 minutes of their classroom time on activates other than studying for the related subject material—visiting online shopping and social media platforms for personal use. However, it doesn’t mean that internet is the “big bad boy” in the classrooms, rather there are other powerful benefits for both the learners and educators in helping them stay connected outside of the classroom and improving the research process, hence enabling students to present their routine assignments and presentations in a professional and productive manner, with the aim to encourage a collective learning culture.

Students are able to acquire strong and quick answers for even the most complex of problems. Further, students can create themselves a community to share their research and findings with each other, and conduct group-based studies on a remote basis. The point is to find the right balance for the use of the internet that should dig out the best including helping you acquire quality learning, elevate your academic performance, and help other to improve too and be getting yourself prepared for the real-world scenarios in the career selection phases.

Writing, Remembering and Doing

When we begin to write down things in the classroom, it releases the initiation of a process helping us remember things. One research has concluded that when listening to a lecture in the class, the students who wrote down the lecture absorbed the same amount of material as that of who didn’t write down anything, while the only difference was the later ones tended to remember the more relevant pointers of the lecture.

Let’s understand this from a different perspective. When students write down while listening to the lecture, they develop a natural impulse of making choices on how to schedule and prioritize important pointers they are hearing. The brain works in a way that makes them remember such aspects better than others. But when we talk about the teachers who witness some students not following the practice or taking notes in an ineffectual manner, should provide them a platform to begin, for instance, write down some things that are new for them.

An equal effort is required from the educators as well in helping students in mastering the art of taking notes. You can recommend them the important chunks of the subject material that will play a major role in the future assessments and coursework writings. The idea is to tempt the students to acknowledge the subject beforehand, in doing so, they won’t be required to note down lectures word-to-word.


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