How to prepare a resume and some tips for regarding the selection process

I would like to provide few tips and I am sure those will help all the freshers to crack the selection process. Please forward it to all your friends who are looking for a job.


1) Resume preparation – Prepare your resume in such a way that it gives a +ve opinion about you to the recruiter. Being a project manager, They reject several resumes just by looking through them and without even interviewing them.

2) Please use  “professional email ids(Unlike lovexxxx, rockxxx, kingxxx) to send your resume”. They reject several profiles (Without even going through them) just because of the email ids.

3) Use proper covering letter/body text. I noticed several resumes without any body or with the texts like please do the needful, please call me if I get selected. I am sure recruiters will not like these types of covering letters and your resumes will be sent to Trash directly.

4) Please don’t forget to attach your resume – you might think that you are not a defaulter. But you will be shocked to know that Out of 10 resumes which they receive, At least 2 or 3 emails will be without attachments/resumes.

5) If you are sending resume to more than one recruiter, Please don’t copy all the IDs in CC. You might think whats wrong with it. But it is wrong. I can say it is personally to do with the ego of the person who is screening your resumes. If you are sending your profile to peers/competitors like TCS/Infosys/CTS at the same time it might result in not getting the call letter from all. Please include your name in CC and copy all the email ids in BCC. Or if possible send resume to all the email ids separately. I know it is a tough task, but is the best way I would say.

6) Please do not apply if you know that you are not eligible for that requirement. Several times, it is possible that you will get a call letter(from a company which you know that you are not eligible to apply but you applied) because of the carelessness view of the resumes of the recruiters. However you will get caught while joining/background verification.

7) Now you are all done with applying for the requirements and get a call letter. Please do the homework properly before applying for the written test. Make sure you go through the important topics in R.S.Agarwals book (for logical questions), going through the old question papers of that company from ******** web site without fail.

8) Please apply your intelligence/knowledge in written test. Make a calculation about how much time you need to spend for every question(BY dividing total number of questions with time provided). Again, It happened with one of my friends – He was a class topper in my class and his dream company is Infosys. During the written test, He spent almost 30 mins for a puzzle and didn’t get time to work on the other puzzles. Please do not do that mistake. Make sure that you are not spending “too” much time on a single question.

9) Assume that you are not selected in the written test, Please don’t give your hope. There are not the only IT companies in India and you have 1000+ options. Personally(Being a school/College topper, I appeared for 70+ written tests./interviews before getting into my dream company) I know how hard it is and you have to live with it.

10) Finally about Interview which is the Most critical part of the selection process.

Remember that you are trying to sell yourself. As long as you don’t go over the edge, all the marketing efforts that you can put in your resume (in its content, design, delivery method and so on) will give you an advantage over the other candidates.So share your views about the post “Frequently asked Interview questions and Answers” . If you any query regarding the placement Feel free to ask.

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