Are you searching top 100 engineering colleges in india

If you are searching for list of top 100 engineering colleges in in india then you have landed in the right place.

I also did what you are doing right now (searching for top 100 engineering colleges in india in google and yahoo) back in my studying days.And believe me it is the biggest mistake which i ever did in my life . I know you are not going to believe me that easily so i have my evidences .

Here the reasons for not searching top 100 engineering colleges in india. Continue reading “Are you searching top 100 engineering colleges in india”

Youtube Commands – Hacking Tricks or Youtube Hacking

Many people got shocked when they heard the term Youtube hacking and many newbies search for this term to finding a youtube tricks.
Exactly Youtube Hacking is just like Google Hacking. For desired result we use appropriate or specific command on Google and using of these keyword is Known as Google hacking. Similar to Google Hacking  there are also some command which used on youtube and such command called Youtube hacking.
Youtube Commands - Hacking Tricks or Youtube Hacking
Youtube Hacking

So here are 10 you tube Commands

1. channel – This Searches only YouTube channels

2. this week | today | this month – Searches videos uploaded in the given time frame.

3. partner – Searches for video uploaded by YouTube partners only.

4. movie – Searches for full length movies available on YouTube.

5. hd – Limits only HD quality videos.

6. 3d – Limits only 3D videos.

7. playlist – returns only videos in playlists.

8. long – Returns videos that are 20 minutes or longer.

9.Do you want to view the adult videos withour loggin in?- Add NSFW before the word Youtube in your URL. eg –

Now the last but not the least trick, through this way you can easily find YouTube videos related to your nearby areas.A new web app ‘Videos Near Me’ has been introduced,by which you can find the videos.Actually this app takes help of YouTube geo-tagging and shows the videos of location that you choose on Google map(in a range of 2 miles).

How to get ‘Videos Near Me’
  • For this first of all go to the link given below:
  • Now you will see Google map on the top.
  • Here select your location by dragging the red marker.
  • After that all the videos in the range of 2 miles of the location that you have chosen will be shown.

Keep visiting 🙂

This information is just for educational purpose. If someone use in malicious activity then only he is responsible for it.

GNIIT course some real insights

I was wondering in country like India where you can find a computer center in every other home , a college offering computer course in every other street do joining GNIIT course give you edge over others ?
Is it worth investing your time and money in GNIIT course ? what should be the parameters of judging whether GNIIT course is good or bad . My mind was boggling very hard . i did my research . Took part in various discussions , talked to current and previous students who had taken a GNIIT course

Although you can see very beautiful adds of GNIIT course all over the media including newspapers and TV , i don’t think joining GIIT course is any worth .

GNIIT course some real insights
GNIIT course some real insights

Here are the reasons and comment

comparison between various centers like delhi center and pune center

By one student
The entire team of NIIT staff, faculty, centre head, accountants. it’s a complete mess out there.NiiT South Ex which claims to be one of the Best Centers in Asia i don’t even consider it to be a Model Centre any more.
It’s A Complete mess out there and best exapmle of highly mismanaged institute.
It’s not worth Being A Student Of NIIT

of course this student is very aggressive.


In terms of faculty i don’t think it’s even eligible for rating .Half the time our staff never turned up for classes. They never completely taught us the syllabus . During the final online exams they simply helped us to answer all the questions correctly .i have witnessed NIIT faculty helping students during exams for the GNIIT course.In some other batch the faculty are so bad that they walked out of the room and the students are having a gala time.

A GNIIT course

wish you could have posted it earlier. i wasted nearly 27k in NIIT Nungambakam. Guys don’t ever think of joining niit.i took .NET course which cover C#,ADO.NET and ASP.NET.first i was given a good trainer ( by luck it seems ) but it lasted only a couple of months.then comes the interesting part.A new MCA guy who don’t even have a basic qualification of proper communication started teach us.he never thought us actually he use to skip a lot and in fear treated people like a kid in schools.i reported about him to GL guess what they told “i only have problem” damn it and i silently studied my self from Microsoft materials.


Don’t bother to join it for placement . there are absolutely 0 placements.

This was my research on NIIT and GNIIT course offered at their centers across country. Do your own research if you want to be completely sure .


This post  will familiarize you with Firewall , bypass the firewall and tools to bye pass it.


A hardware device and/or software program which sits between the Internet and the intranet, internet, of an organization

It restricts information that comes to your computer from other computers, giving you more control over the data on your computer and providing a line of defense against people or programs that try to connect to your computer without invitation.

In fact, that’s why its called a firewall. Its job is similar to a physical firewall that keeps a fire from spreading from one area to the next.

what is firewall
what is firewall

Firewall objective

Its main objectives are to filter:
what should come in the intranet (inbound traffic) and
what should come out of the intranet (outbound traffic).

what is firewall
what is firewall


Packet Filtering Firewall : They are usually part of a router and each packet is compared to a set of criteria before it is forwarded, dropped, or a message is sent to the originator.

what is firewall
what is firewall

Circuit level Gateway : they monitor TCP handshaking between packets to determine whether a requested session is legitimate. Information passed to remote computer through a circuit level gateway appears to have originated from the gateway. On the other hand, they do not filter individual packets.

what is firewall
what is firewall

Application level gateways : also called proxies, are application specific. An application level gateway that is configured to be a web proxy will not allow any ftp, gopher, telnet or other traffic through. They offer a high level of security, but have a significant impact on network performance.



Stateful Multilayer Firewalls : combine aspects of the other three types of firewalls. They filter packets at the network layer and evaluate contents of  packets at the application layer. They allow direct connection between client and host, and they rely on algorithms to recognize and process application layer data instead of running application specific proxies.



Firewall defense your network using one of two access denial methodologies:

  • may allow all traffic through unless it meets certain criteria, or
  • may deny all traffic unless it meets certain criteria

And Criteria to be configured for  firewall



So these are four criteria on which your network should be defensed by Anti virus. The next post will be on How to bye pass Firewall