List of WordPress Alternatives

WordPress Alternatives

If you search about WordPress alternatives, this means you know WordPress and Bloggers are not the only blogosphere players. There are lots of CMS available, some are free and some can make loose your pocket.
If I personally Suggest WordPress is the best CMS due to some reasons like  easy to use , flexibility , Cost effectiveness and most important, its supported by World community.

Wordpress Alternatives
WordPress Alternatives

Well this list is for you! List below shows a list of other alternatives to word press, reading through them may not only benefit you, but your sites traffic too.

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List of Best WordPress Alternatives


  • Drupal (Free)

    Wordpress Alternatives
    WordPress Alternatives

Possibly the closest competitor to wordpress, Drupal runs on LAMP environment. The most beneficial quality of Drupal over WordPress is that it gives you the ability to add a number of users to your site and you can also give each individual user a different role or task (Use in wordpress as adding a plugin Buddypress). Drupal has also a wide spread area of its supporters, editors and developers who always keeps on working to make it better and best.

  • Joomla

    Wordpress Alternatives
    WordPress Alternatives

If WordPress is more for end-users and Drupal is more for developers, then Joomla! must be more for designers, right? If that’s the conclusion that you came to then you’re on the right track, but I would venture to say that Joomla! is actually a mix of all of those things. The name Joomla, in fact, means ‘all together’ in Swahili (Urdu), and it seems they’ve been living up to their name in the way that this powerful CMS works


  • Tumblr (Free)

    Wordpress Alternatives
    WordPress Alternatives

Possibly the simplest site to set up -ever! No need to worry about all the worries of bandwidth and memory issues as it’s 3rd party hosted meaning that’s all taken care of with a free sub-domain. Tumblr started off a blogging system but has recently gained in popularity with slightly larger businesses showing interest. They have also recently integrated a commenting system.

  • Concrete 5

Concrete 5 is just similar like WordPress. Concrete 5 gets installed into LAMP surrounding too. LAMP means Linux, Apache, MYSQ, PHP which can be restored into one word Linux web server. There is a very wide and rich community for the supporters and developers of Concrete 5 WordPress alternative. Concrete5 has a feature in-context editing which means the ability to edit website content directly on the page, rather than in an administrative interface or using web editor software. The areas you can edit are defined in the Concrete 5 templates which helps you to insert the blocks of the content into the page.

  • Movable Type

Movable Type is a powerful all-in-one tool that lets you create blogs and entire websites with one platform. Being flexible with themes and plugins, you can really do anything with Movable Type! Movable Type is free, but for those who need a larger amount of support (like a business), Movable Type Pro comes with more features


Thanks for reading the above post and I ptomise it would help you.  And again, I suggest you to start From WordPress.
Thought of some more alternatives to WordPress?  Let us know about them in Comment Sections…


Advantages of Rooting Android

It was yesterday when we had put up some questions to our fans on FB page about the concept of Rooting, many of them were eager to know about why rooting ,benefits of rooting or advantage of rooting. It was then brought to my attention that a lot of people are unaware of the full potential that they have in their hands and pockets for most of the day , So this motivated me to write a post on Why Rooting or Advantages of Rooting Android. Well I would try my best to clarify all the concepts in most simple(non geek) way.

Everyone loves freedom! But only a few people try taking steps towards the path of freedom and Rooting of android is also a similar step. When we talk about Android then this term is known as Rooting while we talk about Apple then its known as Jail breaking.  Google is  much more relaxed about rooting than Apple is about jailbreaking.

Why Rooting or Advantages of Rooting Android

Why Rooting or Advantages of Rooting Android

Here are listed some great benefits or advantages of android

  • Overcloaking

When you root your android device you also get control over the hardware components, making overclocking and undervolting possible. Has your phone started to get laggy? You can install applications that can overclock and make your device super-fast. It’s very common to overclock a 1GHz CPU to 1.6GHz, of course with greater chances of instability.

  • Custom ROM

Custom ROMS change the whole User Interface of your Device so, you can choose from hundreds of custom ROMS whatever you like. Some of the custom ROMS focus on giving you extra functionality and some of the ROMS make your overall device experience very smooth and beautiful. The best thing about installing custom ROMS is ,you never get bored of your device. Once you start to get bored ,you can flash in new ROM and bamm! Your device is new all over again.

  • Extreme Customization

This ties into the looks , speed and performance sections. Being able to say that no one around has the same phone as you is nice (iPhone users reading this don’t know what it’s like). But the moment when you do see someone with your phone, and you can still say your phone is different, is priceless. like using GDM Gesture control

  • Free Internal Storage

 When you install an application on your phone it is installed on the system memory – by rooting your device you can move these applications to SD card easily and hence can save a lot of memory. Even you can remove the bloatware that can also help freeing up devices memory.

  • Safety

In the play store you have two paid android antivirus application, rooting makes your phone safer. You can use many antivirus that are provided by third party helping you to know more about your device safety.


  • New World of Apps

By rooting your android device you can install apps that can access deep down your operating system and perform their tasks more painlessly. For example, Super User is an application that only runs on a rooted device and it allows you to give privilege (to other apps) of accessing the root of your device.

  • Speed/battery life boost

By just rooting android smartphone you can also ramp up its power.You can use several battery saving applications on your smartphone which only works when you have a root access. There are many custom ROMS which you can install on your smartphone and they assure you getting increased battery life.

  • Latest OS

The reason why we get the android updates late is that our Phone skins are built on top of stock android, so once the update reaches the carriers and phone manufactures they customize it to make their android flavors according to the latest update.

Android Developers are on the other hand working day and night to bring out the latest Android Updates to your devices even before the carriers and the manufactures –  Another good reason why rooting your device is worth it.

  • Backup

There are several apps like Titanium which can automatically take backup of your phone apps, pics , video , important data etc. over a frequent interval of time.

  • Automation Tool

Tasker is an automation tool for Android. Tasker can watch for certain conditions (from phone orientation and location to y and z), and when those conditions are met, it can do anything from open applications, toggle system settings, send SMS messages, and even speak alerts aloud if you ask it to. Virtually anything your Android device can do can be automated with Tasker, and when you combine Tasker’s automation tools with conditions that you set, for example, “Arrived at work” or “Out of range of my Wi-Fi network,” based on your GPS location, you can see how much potential the tool really has

  • Ditching Screen

Most of the people  hate the software skins that are built on top of Android phone. These skins are mostly heavy, design-wise ugly and destroy the overall android experience. I have used TouchWiz and Sense skins they are no way near stock android in terms of design, fluidity and user experience.

  • Quality Improving

You can Install many mods to improve camera, audio and video playback quality like Installing  Beats Audio Drivers to enhance audio output

  • Remove Unwanted Applications
  • Root Call Bloacker
  • Free Wi-Fi Hotspot
  • Keyboard Manager
  • LEDs Hack
  • Samba Filesharing
  • Gaming

Six axis Controller app for Android. It allows you to use a PS3 wireless controller to play games.


So now you have read about the Advantages of Rooting an Android Device.This is the part where you head over to XDA Developers, go to the top right, and type in your phone. From there, you can find guides on rooting, installing ROMs, and tips and tricks. The best ROMs are the ones that people try to port like MIUI, Cyanogen Mod, and others depending on your phone.

I try to cover all Advantages of Rooting Android still share your Advantages of Rooting Android in comment section.


How to hide a folder through Truecrypt

True Crypt is an open source tool used for encryption.

There are many encryption options in TrueCrypt, and one of them is create a virtual encrypted disk within a file. To others, this is just a single file and they can’t open it without the password. To you, this virtual encrypted disk is the place where you store all your confidential files and folders.

How to hide a folder through Truecrypt

how to create an encrypted folder

Click the Create Volume button to build that container we were talking about.

There are a number of different types of containers, but for our first attempt we can just use the default file container.

encrypt folders

Click Next.

Along with the various container types, there are advanced options for creating one container inside another. Think of a bookshelf inside a library. But for now, again take the default.

encrypt folders

Click Next again.

Because we are using the standard file container, we need to tell it the name of the file to use. Just in case you’re thinking in terms of folders, this can be a little confusing. We are going to create a file, and then eventually it will look like another hard drive on your system, but only when it’s mounted.

volume location

So, browse to a folder, and supply a file name. No need for a suffix. When you’re ready, hit the Next button again.

Remember I said there were lots of options? You can choose from a number of encryption types and hash algorithms. Ordinary people like me take the advice of the developers, and go with the defaults.

free encrypt or hide folders or files

Yeah. Click Next.

You can create a container of any size up to the available space on your real hard drive. It’s worth considering some limits if you ever want to backup the result to portable media, so perhaps you might want to stick with 4GB or so if you want the file to be backed up to DVD. You get the idea.

In our case, we’re just creating a small container for some tax files. Setting aside 100MB seems about right, but I have created 60GB containers in the past without any trouble.

free encrypt or hide folders or files

Click Next, yet again.

Passwords are very important in Truecrypt. Tina talked earlier in the year about how to select a good one. I can’t expand on that. Make a good choice.

free encrypt or hide folders or files

Next. Again.

This screen is a little unusual. You need to move the mouse around in a random fashion for a while. Go on, you know you want to. A little more. Great.

volume format

Just for a change of pace, click Format. Then take a break.

volume format 2

All being well, you’ll get a confirmation when the format is finished.

Successfully created

Go ahead and click OK. It’s not as though you have other options.

And that’s it. Done.

Volume created

One new Truecrypt volume is quite enough for now, so click Exit, and we can move on to making use of it.

Using The New Volume

Run Truecrypt again.

Select an available drive letter from the list, and then browse to the file you just created. Just to be clear, in this case I’m going to mount the new MUO container as the O: drive.

mount volume

Click Mount to complete the job. You will be prompted for that password you carefully made up earlier. Don’t forget it. There are no back doors here.

enter passwordClick OK.

And that’s it. I now have a 100MB O: drive, ready for use.

freeware to encrypt folders

Click Exit, and take a look in Windows Explorer.