Majesty Emerald – The best luxury Yacht for your holidays

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Have you ever dreamt of cruising on a yacht of your own? Just like you, we all have someday in some point in our life imagined of sailing on a yacht in the middle of a deep blue ocean quenching our thirst for the sea party at once in our life. Owning a yacht can be an expensive pleasure but that in no way stops us from getting on a yacht with our friends and family for a party. One of the best luxury yachts that are highly famous for Yacht charter Dubai is, Majesty Emerald. It unquestionably stands true to its name. It is amazingly spacious making it the perfect unrivaled majestic yacht that it is called.


Super Spacious

This 88 ft mega yacht is too spacious and can accommodate a large number of guests onboard with a striking figure of 65 in its perfect ambiance. It has an excellent amount of space inside and outside to throw mega parties and carry out extraordinary celebrations. Its spaciousness allows maximum comfort and provides a huge amount of entertainment to its highly valued guests.

Sleek Design

This magnificent yacht features an absolutely sleek and beautiful design. It is the perfect embodiment of grace and elegance. The creator of this well and the skill-fully designed yacht has sculpted it to perfection, with exclusively unique hues, intricate design, and cutting-edge décor. Her three cabins are equipped with full lavishness and all the luxuries you can imagine.

Modern Technology

This purpose built yacht boasts an extraordinary level of modern technology. The exterior and interior layouts are intelligently built giving it an edge against its contemporary yachts. The amazing modern technology incorporated in this yacht provides top-notch comfort to its guest onboard. It comprises of advanced steering oar that has makes the navigation of this yacht very easy and smooth.

Comfort and Luxury

The best thing that this amazingly giant and graceful boat offers is enormous comfort and luxury. This seriously sophisticated yacht surely knows how to entertain its guests with a star and moon-lit night on its upper spacious deck and let them have a full panoramic view of the enlightening illuminations of Dubai’s beautiful skyline. During the day it offers a full beach experience on its main deck under the sun where you can soak yourself with the ultimate fun while BBQ-in with your favorite circle of people.

The Majesty Emerald is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and largest yachts and very famous among people for charter in Dubai.